Palo Alto AYSO featured at the 

Portland Timbers 

October 4, 2014

Ticket Sales Are Closed.   Thank you for your interest.

See our teams scrimmage on the Earthquakes' field at half time 

Purchase tickets through Palo Alto AYSO and enjoy our Elite Partnership discounts. 
Seats are grouped together for our Palo Alto AYSO community in section 102, Sideline.

Compare to regular price of $35 per ticket.

$20 for any activity, includes child ticket.     $20 for child ticket.      $25 for adults.

These activities are concurrent, do not purchase more than 1 activity per child.
Some activities may be sold out.  Please choose another activity if your preferred activity is sold out.

Players should wear their blue jersey, for all activities and in the stands.

Rally Tunnel
Kids are on the field before the game starts, and form a cheering tunnel through which the Earthquakes enter the pitch.

Flag Bearer
Lead the procession of teams through the Rally Tunnel and onto the pitch before the game starts, bearing the standards and flags.  8 players maximum.  Must be 10 or older.

Shag Balls
Kids are at field level, behind the low fence, and return balls to Earthquake players.  Light training provided before the game.  12 players maximum.  Must be 14 or older.

Child Ticket
Palo Alto players, siblings and under 19 friends.  Attend the game with our Palo Alto AYSO community.  Wear you blue jersey.

Team Escort
Escort the players onto the pitch through the Rally Tunnel, before the game starts.  22 players maximum.  Should be 6-11 years old.

Adult Ticket
Parents, relatives and friends of Palo Alto AYSO players.  Attend the game with our Palo Alto AYSO community.