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PSV Union FC Partnership

Focused on players with the highest level of commitment to training and play, PSV Union FC develops players for college level soccer and national competition.

WIth our collaboration with PSV, Palo Alto AYSO players and families may enjoy the opportunity to experience very high level competitive training and play, and to be assured the option of qualifying by PSV.  PSV assists Palo Alto AYSO with its competitive training and planning, and participates in assessing players for our competitive programs.
If you are interested in playing with PSV, and committing to a very high level of training and play leading to college soccer, your parents can contact for an interview.  

And remember, grades are an important part of the criteria, as well as strong soccer skills, commensurate with age.   A desire to be very committed to training on and off the field, and strong support from your family are important.  The most ambitious and talented players will be considered.