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San Bruno Turkey Tournament
San Bruno Turkey Tournament

The San Bruno Turkey Tournament is a fun, entry level tournament suitable to our teams in the U10, U12 and U14 Instructional and Advanced divisions.  Held each year on the Thanksgiving weekend, our teams have found this to be a great, and fun experience.  Win or lose, the fun is for all.

If your team is doing well in the Fall Instructional Program, or is an Elite team, than this tournament is for you.

Instructions for entering are on the web site, just click the image to the right.
What is the process for this tournament?
  1. Make sure you have enough players to come for the weekend
  2. Download the tournament registration form
  3. Collect the funds from the players for the entry fee and send to 
    • Turkey Tournament Entry Funds
    • Palo Alto AYSO
    • PO Box 1493
    • Palo Alto, CA 94302
  4. Enter the request for a regional check at for the tournament entry fee
  5. Send email to stating that you have mailed the funds and need a regional check for the Turkey Tournament
  6. Send in your registration form, RC certified roster, and check to the tournament

Having Fun at the Turkey Tournament

Make a special Thanksgiving treat for the team snack.
Be prepared for some turkey shenanigans.
Play hard.
Take pictures of the play, the team, the parents.

Email a tournament report (just a few paragraphs) and pictures to the and get some feature pages on the web site.