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Miscellaneous Field Information
Got field or field equipment problems?
  • Missing nets or locks, nets left up after games are over, lockbox damage, field damage, etc?
  • For irrigation, sprinkler issues
  • For questions about whether the field is fit or dry enough to play on
    • The game referee is in charge of this decision
  • Can't remember the net lockbox lock combination
    • Call a coach or another parent, or send a messenger to another field.  
  • Someone on your field? 
    • If it is a school field and a school function, they may have priority over our permit.
    • Be sure to have your permit ready, and ask whoever is on the field to leave.
    • If there is a problem, call the Palo Alto Police non-emergency despatch line and they will come and help, if you have a copy of the permit with you, or on an electronic device as PDF, showing your permit.  
      • 650 903-6395