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City of Palo Alto Field Use Policy

Attached is the complete copy of the City of Palo Alto Field Use Policy.  

Each of the soccer leagues using Palo Alto fields is assigned responsibility
 for lining and maintaing goals on grass playing fields.

The City requires coaches to know and enforce the following in RED:

  • Palo Alto AYSO may be fined $250 for a goal left out and not locked up properly.  
  • Repeated offenses of leaving a goal out may result in loss of field privileges.
  • Grass fields may not be used if closed due to rain.  See our Rain Policy
  • Permits are required for all athletic facilities, and the facilities may only be used during the time period noted on the permit.
Grass and Artificial Turf
  • Cleats longer than 1/4 inch are prohibited on synthetic fields
  • During practice on all fields, use the field in different places than used heavily in games, and rotate use of the area
  • Bicycles are prohibited on synthetic turf fields
  • No food or beverages, except water, is permitted on synthetic turf fields

Field Lining
  • Each field will be lined by the assigned soccer user. Each user will obtain their own equipment and lining material. 
  • The lining will be accomplished by March 15 and August 15 each year and continue through the first weekend in June and December. If a field is closed within those dates, the lining 
  • will be accomplished within 7 days of the field opening. 
  • During the playing seasons, the lines will be refreshed weekly. 
  • The fields designated for 11v11 play would be lined as close to the optimal dimensions of 70 x110 yards as possible, with the minimum being 55x100. If the minimum dimensions cannot be attained, the rest of the group will be notified. 
  • The fields designated for 8v8 play will be lined as close to 50x 80 yards as possible, with the minimum being 45 x 75. If the minimum dimensions cannot be attained, the rest of the group will be notified. 
  • From the city of Palo Alto Field Use Policy: “Water soluble spray paint is the only permitted means of lining a field. No fields are permitted to be lined by means of Round Up, Dolomite or other herbicide, which can permanently burn lines into the field. Different color lines should be used for different sports. Soccer shall use white, rugby shall use blue and lacrosse shall use yellow.” 

Attaching Nets permanently to goals
Each user will take responsibility for the seasonal attachment of nets to the goals on their assigned fields. This includes purchasing the nets, affixing them permanently to the goals and repairing/replacing nets as necessary. This responsibility will be from March 15 and August 15 each year and continue through the first weekend in June and December.

Locking goals to fence
  • Each user will take responsibility for making sure the goals at their assigned grass fields are secured to the appropriate place on the fence between games. If the user is made aware the goals are not secured to the fence on weekdays, they will make every effort to move them to the appropriate place. This may include contacting the party responsible for not replacing the goal properly.
  • The chains and locks for the goals will be maintained and replaced if necessary by the soccer entity. Each user will publish the combinations of the locks for use by the entire group. If the combinations are changed, the user will also communicate this to everyone.
  • The city policy regarding locking goals: “Soccer goals must be anchored at all times when they are located on the playing fields. When goals are not being utilized for play, they must be secured off the playing fields in a manner which will not permit tipping or create any hazardous condition that could cause injury to any person. The City of Palo Alto and District are not liable for accidents, injuries or loss of or damage to individuals or property. Should any goal left on site be found not secured and locked up properly, the permittee will be subject to a fine of $250.00. A subsequent violation will result in revocation of the current field user’s permit.”
Putting wheels on goals
Each user will place and maintain wheels on the goals. They will repair and replace them as needed.
Corner flags
Each user has its own policy regarding use of corner flags. Those having containers for storage of flags at the fields may make the combinations available to the rest of the group for their use, as needed. Each user will be responsible for the condition of the corner flags (if present) at their fields.

Goal anchors (on the field)
Both FIFA and the city of Palo Alto require the use of goal anchors. While the turf fields have such anchors, many of the grass fields do not. This group will attempt to solve the problem
of anchoring goals at grass fields in the future.

Maintenance of Grass
The city of Palo Alto will retain responsibility for the health and mowing of the grass at all fields. Problems with watering of fields should be forwarded to: Miguel Chacon at His phone number is 833-9662. Shia should be sent problems related to the grass itself (length, quality).

One person designated as liaison to the group
Each user will have one person named as liaison to this group in matters of field maintenance. That person can further parcel out responsibilities within their own group if he/she wishes. The liaison for each user will be available by Internet or cell phone to the city
representative to help deal with questions or policy matters as needed, regarding soccer fields in Palo Alto.

Internet User Group
The liaisons will establish an internet group (Yahoo or Google) for purposes of facilitating communication. One of the liaisons will maintain the Group.

Field Assignments - 2012
SSC: Greer #1 and Greer #2 and JLS #4
AYSO: Greer #3, Greer #4, Greer #5 (They will also line the other fields used exclusively by them)
PASC: Cubberley #1, Cubberley #2, Cubberley North, Seale Park
UFC: Jordan #1, Jordan #2, Jordan #3
PAASL: JLS #1, JLS #2, JLS #3
SVSA: Terman #1, Terman #2

All fields are to be lined for 11v11 play, except for the following, which are to be lined for 8v8 play:
  • Seale Park
  • Cubberley North
  • JLS #4
AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
Oct 15, 2011, 3:34 PM