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Goal & Net Management

Never leave an empty field with goals left out.  
This is a safety issue and several kids in Palo Alto have suffered broken bones due to left-out goals.  AYSO can lose its field privileges for city and PAUSD fields if goals and nets are left out.

Goals may be left out only if another permit holder is taking the field.  Ad hoc users are not allowed to use the goals, and you must lock them up.

Lock combinations for all fields are posted in WYS for coaches, referees and board members.  Login and go to Parent / Calendar. 

Goal Responsibility
The first team playing at a field puts out the goals.  The last team playing at a field returns the goals to their safe storage location.  This is usually against a fence.  Portable goals and nets must be safely locked up after the last game.  

Games are scheduled very tightly and if no team is ready to play after you, that  is a good indication that you had the last game of the day.  Do not allow non-AYSO groups to use the goals.  Your game schedule in WebYouthSoccer indicates if your team is responsible, but plans change, do what you see is right, at the field.

Don't Be Late
If the first game starts late getting goals and nets up, this may cause all games that day to run late, inconveniencing everybody.  Allow at least 15 minutes to get the goals out.  Each team should assign volunteer parents to this task.  It should not be the coach's responsibility - the coach will be busy preparing the team to play.

Goal Placement and Storage
Goals which are moved on and off the fields for practices or games. Lock combinations are distributed through division commissioners to coaches.  It is important to put away goals and have them locked when they are not in use.

Maps are attached at the bottom of the page show goal storage locations.

U7 - U11 
Use reduced size goals that are not permanently installed.  These goals must be restored to their storage location and locked up using the chain and lock.  The U7, U8 and U9 goals are very light, have integrated nets and are therefore very simple to manage.  In U10-U11 we use either 6.5' x 12' or 6.5' x 18' aluminium goals which are considerably heavier, around 100 lbs. If improperly moved these goals can cause considerable damage to the fields.  Some goals may have wheels.  If not, the goals must be lifted and carried, by at least two people. 

Information on Anchoring goals is here Anchoring Goals.

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