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Anchoring Goals

U10 and up goals are heavy, and are a potential hazard if they are not anchored.

For practice, be safe. It is good to have the goals set up to avoid wearing out the goal box area of the playing field, so be careful that nobody is playing on the goal, even just hanging from the crossbar.

When finished with practice, goals must be safely locked to a fence!

Matches: Many recent games in Palo Alto have been played without anchored goals, but this violates FIFA rules. Referees may cancel a match if goals are not safely anchored.

U10 Goals

  • Ramos Park: Big anchoring spikes, and a mallet are in the locked net-box against the fence near the goals. Same combination as the goals.
  • Duvenick: I have the same spikes, but no place to store the anchors at the field yet.
U12 – U19 Goals
  • Greer 1-3. The old anchors have metal loops in the ground. There will be lengths of chains, and carbiner like clips for attaching the chain to the anchors. There should be 4 of these (2 for each end ) in the net box.
  • Greer 4 and 5. The anchors on Greer 4 do not match the lining of the field. I do not know of anchors at Greer 5. Instead, we have j-hooks made of rebar, which can be pounded in to hold the goals. Rebar and a mallet will be in the net boxes at both these fields.
  • Mayfield and Cubberley FB: Permanently anchored.
  • Terman: There are chains in the net box, for attaching to bits of chain still attached to anchors in the ground.
  • Cubberley, JLS. Currently no plans, until we have games there. There are supposed to be chains with clips burried in the fields. If we cannot find those, then AYSO will supply rebar and mallets.