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Setup a Net

How to Set Up a Net

Retrieve the net from the net box and unroll on the ground between the goal p
osts. Unfortunately it is sometimes very difficult to tell which is the front and which is the back. There may be a cord running the length of the net at the back top-corners, in which case the edge closest to that cord is the front and attaches to the crossbar. Another clue is a long tie-cord at the back top-corners. Otherwise the side panels usually provide a clue! If you get it wrong it will eventually be obvious, but only towards the end of the process.

All Palo Alto AYSO nets are inside nets and go inside the goal frame, not over it! Refer to the diagram below in the following step-by-step instructions.
  1. First, (using a step stool for full-sized goals) tie the net to the main crossbar of the goal. Do this working from one side only, otherwise you will likely have droopy part in the middle.  Make sure the net is inside and below the rear struts.  Another way to do this (with some goals) is to carefully tip the main crossbar down part way by lifting the rear pipe about three feet off the ground. Make sure the net corners meet the corners of the goal posts.
  2. The tie the front vertical edges of the net to the main vertical posts.
  3. Now tie the bottom edges of the net to the side and rear bar on the ground.  It may be necessary to lift the rear bar.  Make sure the net meets the bottom corner of the goals posts (if this is difficult it is a clue to having the net back to front).
  4. Lastly, use the ties at back vertical corners to tie the net to the curved rear struts.  This will lift the net back up and give it a nice shape (and keep it from obstructing the goalkeeper).

  • Don't tip the goals to attach or remove nets!!  They are very heavy and can hurt someone if they fall.  A small stepladder or sturdy plastic bucket can be used as a booster.
  • Lock the lock on the lockbox when the nets are out for the games.  Open locks seem to walk away.
  • Nets fit better if you hang them inside the goal instead of draping them over the outside.
  • Nets have rope ties, either attached to the net or loose in the box.  Don't use tape to attach nets - it's hard on both nets and goals.
  • If you find goals out and unlocked, put them away, and lock them.
  • AYSO nets go in net boxes.
  • At Greer and JLS, do not store soccer goals on the softball fields.
  • For practice, let the heavy use parts of the fields rest.  Try to stay out of the middle of the fields. Don't put goals in their game positions.