Outside Palo Alto For AYSO Extra and PCSSL

  • Area 2A Playing Fields - Rossotti, Russ Miller, Almond, Covington, Panama, Stevenson, Menlo Atherton, Cooper Park
  • Area 2J Playing Fields - Argonaut, Blue Hills, Calabazas, Congress Springs, Creekside, De Anza College, Faria, Foothill, Garden Gate, Rossmore, Katherine R Smith, Kevin Moran, Kennedy, Marshall, McAuliffe, Meyerholz, Millbrook, Miller, Muir, Murdoch,Prospect, Prunedale, Redwood Middle (RMS), Redwood Upper Fields are part of Redwood Middle School (RMS), Regnart, Saratoga, Sedgwick, Stevens Creek, West Valley College, Westmont, WIlson.

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School or Park NameField MarkingLocation
School or Park NameField MarkingLocation
Addison 4 v 4 Middlefield & Addison 
Alligaor Kinder Peers Park 
Barron Park School 4 v 4 Barron Ave 
Bear Kinder Peers Park 
Bell Street Park Pre-K Bell Street Park Place, E Palo Alto 
Bol Park practice Laguna off Matadero 
Boulware Park Practice 390 Fernando Ave 
Briones Park Practice Arastradero & Coulombe 
Cameron Park Practice Wellesley off Stanford Ave 
Cat Kinder Peers Park 
Cubberley See attachment, CubberleyFields, below 4000 Middlefield, behind school 
Cubberley Fb Full Size, 120x70 South End of Cubberley Community Center 
Donkey Kinder Peers Park 
Duveneck 7 v 7 Alester and Channing 
El Camino Park Full Size El Camino & Alma 
El Carmelo Practice El Carmelo & Bryant 
Eleanor Park 9 v 9 Channing & Center 
Elephant Kinder Peers Park 
Escondido 5 v 5 Stanford Ave & Escondido 
Fairmeadow Practice E Meadow, Next to JLS 
Flamingo Kinder Peers Park 
Giraffe Kinder Peers Park 
Greendell Practice 4000 Middlefield, next to Cubberley 
Greer 1 Full Size (See field attachment below) Amarillo and Bayshore 
Greer 2 Full Size W. Bayshore Rd 
Greer 3 Mid Size W Bayshore Rd 
Greer 4 Mid Size Simkins Ct 
Greer 5 Large Field Simkins Ct & Colorado Ave 
Gunn H.S. Full Size 780 Arastradero 
Hippopotamus Kinder Peers Park 
Hoover Park 5 v 5 (See field attachment below) Cowper south of Colorado 
Hoover School 4 v 4 Charleston west of Middlefield 
Iguana Kinder Peers Park 
Jaguar Kinder Peers Park 
JLS Fields 1-4 Full Size (See field attachment below) East Meadow and Waverly 
Johnson Park Practice Kipling & Everett 
Jordan Full Size (See field attachment below) Middlefield & N California 
Juana Brioness School Practice Maybell & Coulombe 
Lawn Bowling Green Practice Churchill & Cowper 
Mayfield North Full Size, 110x70 El Camino & Page Mill 
Mayfield South Full Size, 100x60 Page Mill & El Camino 
Mitchell Park, North & South Practice, See field attachment below Middlefield & E Meadow 
Nixon 4 v 4 Stanford Ave 
Ohlone 7 v 7 Amarillo 
Palo Alto H.S. Full Size El Camino & Embarcadero 
Palo Verde Practice Louis south of Loma Verde 
Peers Park Practice, U10, Kinder and Kicker Games Park Blvd near Stanford Ave 
Ramos Park 7 v 7 850 E Meadow 
Rinconada Park Practice Next to Walter Hays 
Robles Park Practice Park Blvd off E Meadow 
Seale Park 9 v 9 3100 Stockton Place 
Sheep U8 Terman Middle School 
Terman Full Size (See Terman attached below) 661 Arastadero 
Terman U8 U8 Complex (see Terman U8 attached below) 661 Aratradero 
Tiger U8 Terman Middle School 
Urial U8 Terman Middle School 
Ventura NE and SW Practice Ventura School, Palo Alto 
Vole U8 Terman Middle School 
Walter Hays 4 v 4 Middlefield & Embarcadero 
Weissharr Park Practice 2300 Dartmouth 
Werry Park Practice 2100 Dartmouth 
Wolf U8 Terman Middle School 
X-Ray Tetra U8 Terman Middle School 
Yak U8 Terman Middle School 
Zebra U8 Terman Middle School 
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