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Surveying and Painting Fields

When you come to the games you may notice the nicely painted white lines on the fields. These lines are laid out and painted at the beginning of the season by a survey crew, and the white lines are refreshed each week by the lining crew to keep them bright for the games.  

The Field Maintenance Coordinator organizes the teams of volunteers that survey and paint the fields, and repaint as needed.

The Field Pre-Surveyors lay out the 4 corners of the field and ensure the pegs are visible.

The Field Surveyors measure and place the corners and mark out the lines on the field, and paint the first set of lines.

The Field Painters refresh the paint lines each week.  They use the paint machines that look like a child's wagon, and walk the lines of the field that are already marked.  Field painting requires each volunteer to spend 1 hour each Thursday or Friday for 3 weeks, for a total time of 3 hours.

The schedule breaks down into 3 week cycles
  • week 1 - survey crew
  • week 2 - week 5 - 1st lining crew
  • week 6 - week 9 - 2nd lining crew
  • week 10 - week 13 - 3rd lining crew
Contact address is
If you can volunteer for one of these shifts please sign in and select a Volunteer slot.

The sub-pages for Painting Fields contains information and diagrams by Marco Shuffelen, Jim Erickson, Mick Jordan, Rob Schreiber and Dave Elward.  Many thanks.