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Dimensions - Kinder Field

Kinder fields are laid out within a larger soccer field.  The kinder fields are measured along the touchline of the larger field, and extend lengthwise into the field.  

Needed to Layout the Field
  • 3 people
  • 3 tapes
  • 3 colors of paint, 6 cans of each

  1. To mark the corners of the fields, choose one goal line of the larger field to be your base.  
  2. Lay a tape measure along each touchline from the base to the other end of the field, leaving them in place. 
  3. Take a third tape measure and lay it on the base.
  4. The three people will move the tape along the base up the field, one marking at a time, until done
    1. one person at each end of the base tape, one person in the middle
    2. the persons at the end of the base tape, mark the spot just outside the touchline
    3. The person in the middle marks the two spots which are the corner of the two fields
    4. The persons on each end of the base tape move the tape to the next marking point, as shown in the table to the right

Marks along the touchline for each field are calculated here.  A printable card is attached.

 1 0 0
  15 45
 2 16 48
  31 93
 3 3296 
  47 141
 4 48 144
  63 189
 5 64 192
  79 237
 6 80 240
  95 285
 7 96 288
  111 333

Regional Commissioner,
Mar 16, 2013, 12:34 PM