General Notes

These are general notes about fields for planning purposes.  

Not all of these fields are done each year, 
see the title to the right for This Year.

General Division Guide
  1. U8: 50x25, Addison, Barron Park, Escondido, Juana Briones Park, Fairmeadow, Hoover Park, Hoover School, Nixon, Palo Verde, Walter Hays.  The U8 teams split up for games and need two adjacent fields.
  2. U10: 80x40, Eleanor Pardee Park, Greer 4, Hoover Park, Ohlone, Peers Park, Ramos Park, Robles Park
  3. U12 and up: 100x70, Greer, JLS, Terman.

Small and Medium Fields
  • Addison School two 35x25 - 2007 grass: unacceptable for games
  • Barron Park School two 30x20 - 2007 grass: ruined by new portables placement; if the diagonal trench heals we may use it again next year
  • Bol Park one area we could use, of about 180'x100', two 35x25 possible - but it's unsafe, remote - 2007 grass: fair
  • Duveneck School 60x40 - in 2000, we seem to have had four 35x25 fields here
  • El Carmelo School 210' x 120' (70x40yd) two 35x25 possible; too small for 60x40 (touch line would be next to fence and blacktop) - 2007 grass: fair
  • Eleanor Pardee Park 80x50 possible, so also 60x40 or two 45x30 or smaller
  • Escondido School two 45x30
    In 2000, we seem to have had four 30x20 fields here
  • Fairmeadow 60x40 possible, or two 35x25 - 2007 grass: fair
  • Greendell in 2000, we seem to have had six 30x20 fields here
  • Hoover School tow 35x25 fields, not parallel
  • Juana Briones Park ca. 200'x170': 60x40 possible, two of 45x30 (very tight, 20 ft distance between fields) - 2007 grass: good
  • Juana Briones School two 35x25 possible - 2007 grass: all torn up
  • Mitchell Park (next to JLS) - not given out for fields
    An area about 555' long, with useful width varying (North to South) from 90' to 220' to 130'. With some difficulty we could put in four 45x30 fields; we could also put in two 45x30, and two 30x20, which together could be the VIP League's fields. - 2007 grass: fair
  • Nixon School two 35x25; have the two irrigation control boxes between the fields
    When laying out Nixon, go for the North-East corner, stay away as far as possible from the road and the daycare.
    In 2000 we seem to have had four 35x25 fields here.
  • Ohlone School one 60x40
  • Palo Verde School two 30x20 fields
    Two 35x25 is possible, but because of large glass windows near the field I think we should only have 30x20 fields here
  • Peers Park an area of 365' long, useful width 170' to 220', two 60x40 possible, two 45x30 and some small fields; 
    In 2007 we have two 45x30 fields with one 30x20 field here; also for Sunday VIP League Ramos Park one 60x40 2007; in 2014 we have 1 U10 overlaid with 10 kinder.  Also kicker and VIP meet here.
  • Rinconada Park: no soccer field size grass areas
  • Robles Park ca. 190'x160': 60x40 (170'x120') possible, or two 35x25
    keep field out of storm drain on East side; don't get too close to the baseball fence- 2007 grass: good
  • Terman has two full size fields.  In 2014 overlaid with 8 U8 fields.  Grass poor, many bare spots.
  • Ventura School an area 320' long, half 140' wide, the other half 175' wide: two 45x30 possible - 2007 grass: poor, many bare spots
Large Fields
  • Greer
    1. 105x65 
    2. 103x67 
    3. 80x40
  • JLS site map 
    2006 measurements: 
    JLS #1: 120x71 
    JLS #2: 110x68 
    JLS #3: 100x68 
    JLS #4: not measured
  • Terman 
    Terman #1: 105x64 (2005 measurement) 
    Terman #2: 106x62 (narrowed to keep the soccer field out of the baseball diamond)
  • There is room for a 60x40 field at Fairmeadow School. We laid out two 35x25 fields there in 2005 because Addison was under construction.
  • There is room at Juana Briones School for two 35x25 fields.
    • At the West side or Ramos Park there is room for two 35x25 fields (barely), but the grass and ground is not very good, and with the 60x40 field next to it in use there will not be enough parking space.
    • Mid-goal distance between JLS3 and 4: ~218' (I laid out JLS 3 with a width of 200' to leave room for JLS4)
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