Using the Machines
  • General Notes
    • The machines and paint are available from the equipment locker, and it is most convenient to pick them up at the beginning of the season or return them at the end of the season on an equipment locker day.  Those events are in the regional calendar on the home page, and if you click on the event in the calendar it gives directions to the locker.
    • Do not return the paint machines and paint before the end of the season, pass them onto the next crew.
    • The machines fold up for easy transport. Don't stack them, it may damage the rubber windshield; put them on their sides if you're transporting more than one. Please be careful with the cable when folding and unfolding.  
  • Painting straight lines
    • To begin, unfold the handles and tighten the wing nuts that hold the handle straight.  
    • The box of paint cans fits into the rectangular compartment underneath the handle, and holds six cans.
    • Take 1 paint can and shake it vigorously until you hear it rattling for 15 seconds
    • Notice the paint can nozzle is not round, it is wide.  The wide part goes across, so that the line you paint has width.
    • Insert the paint can by holding it upside down and sliding it into the slot near the center of the wagon.  Do not push it down into the slot, push it sideways into the slot from the open side.
    • Once inserted correctly, when you squeeze the handle the nozzle will be opened and paint will spray.
    • Position the machine over the line to be painted.  Push it at a slow walking pace while squeezing the handle.  Paint should be coming out onto the grass.
    • Walking too fast will not put enough paint.  Extra paint is OK.
  • Painting arcs
    • Painting a good arc requires a peg and a string.  
    • Place the peg into the ground at the center of the arc or circle
    • Tie the string to the peg
    • Measure out the length of the string to the rim of the arc
    • Tie a circle in the string that will loosely hold the paint can
    • WIth the paint can upside down and and the string pulled taught, walk along the arc, painting the line