... and Then We Talked of The Rain

It doesn't make sense to paint when it is raining heavily, because the paint will wash away.  But you can successfully paint a wet field if no rain is expected for the next few hours.  If there is no other way, you can even paint during a drizzle or mild rain, if it doesn't last too long.  On dry grass the paint will dry more quickly, but painting lines on a wet field can and sometimes has to be done.  In the initial weekends we often paint fields wet with dew. 

Check the weather forecast often.  If rain is expected for Friday, try to paint on Thursday; if much rain is expected Thursday and Friday, paint on Wednesday. 

If you painted during rain, please go back to the field later to check on the lines, and if necessary lay down an extra layer of paint (not during games.) 

In case that it rains continually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you'll have to paint on Saturday or Sunday (after games, if they're not cancelled) so as not to lose the field layout.  And repaint again on Thursday or Friday.