Palo Alto AYSO Referee Assignments and Game Card Entry -- Fall Season

Game Cards Are Used by all Referees for 8U to 19U.
Game Cards (Lineup Cards) are an essential element to managing the game and our Region. The information from the Game Card is used to ensure the correct players are on the field at the start of the game. Also, the information entered into the online system from the Game Card is used to (1) ensure that each player is on the field for at least 3/4 of each game, (2) highlight issues with team balancing and sportsmanship relating to blowouts, and (3) balance teams next year. Be accurate with your game cards, and enter data into the system within a day of the game that was played.

At ALL Palo Alto AYSO games, each team will give the Referee (or an Assistant Referee) an Official Lineup Card which gives the team name and number, coaches' names, and the name and jersey number of each player. For games assigned through our system, Referees may print the "Game Card Package" on their Referee Main Page.

Before Going to the Match
Coaches and refs back each other up in making sure Game Cards are ready to go.

At the Match
Before the game: check team in
  • Verify player jersey number when checking uniform, shinguards, jewelry, cleats, etc.
  • Line through (or write "A" in) all quarters if the player will be absent from the game
  • Ensure correct uniform is complete, including the correct team socks
  • Verify Palo Alto AYSO coaches are wearing their issued jerseys that state their certification and that they meet certification standards for the game. See the table to the below right for the coach certification requirements by division. If a coach does not meet standard, he/she may not occupy the technical area and may not coach the game.

During the game: record game information
The lineup card has space on it to record which players are not playing each "quarter" and is thus essential to help you monitor and enforce AYSO's "Everyone Plays" policy. It is usually more efficient if each Assistant Referee takes the Game Card for the team on his/her touch line and records that team's information during the game. For each player in 8U to 14U:

  • In the space for each "quarter":
    • Write "A" if the player was absent (e.g., went home before the end of the game or arrived late)
    • Write "I" if the player was at the game but did not play due to an injury
    • Write "X" if the player sat out (rested)
    • Write "G" if the player played Goalkeeper
    • Leave blank if the player played a field position
  • In the space for each half:
    • Write the number of Goals Scored by the player
The card does not have much free space on it to keep a record of everything that happens during the game beyond "quarters" played and goals. In U14 and higher games, you will commonly need more space. You may write on the back.

After the Match

Enter Game Card information 
Please see this document, for how to do it in Web Youth Soccer.  We are using WYS for Referee assignments and game records, only.  Please ignore any messages regarding registration.

Madison League

For games in the fall 16U and 19U divisions playing in the Madison League, the Referee collects the playing time sheets kept during the game by the Time Monitors, and mails them in the pre-stamped envelope provided by the teams' coaches.  If the coaches do not have an envelope, please hang onto them for the remainder of the season.

Coach Certification Required
( for info)
Each coach must be certified to the level of his division, or higher. 
 Division  Instructional 
 Select Season
 8U  8U Coach    
 10U  10U Coach  12U Coach  12U Coach
 12U  12U Coach Intermediate  Intermediate
 14U  Intermediate  Advanced  Advanced
 16U  Advanced    Advanced
 19U  Advanced    Advanced