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Referee Classes

  • All referees must register and complete the volunteer registration process at 
  • And, all referees must attend a referee clinic or refresher.  

For a description of referee courses, please see the links to the right. 
For more ideas on improving your referee skills see Become a Better Referee.

New Law books and Referee Handbooks will be available at all clinics.  Many of these may be downloaded from the individual referee class pages or from Resources for use on your computer or tablet.

Referee training offered by Palo Alto AYSO and nearby AYSO Regions and Areas are on the Clinics and Training Calendar, as well as detailed instructions on how to sign up for a course.  The locations and exact times are on the calendar events.

Meetings will be on the Regional Calendar.

Course Recommendations

If you are... ...Course...
New Referee to Under-8 games U8 Official Course
New Referee to Under-10 or Under-12 games Basic Referee Course
Returning Referee to Under-8 games U8 Refresher Clinic
Returning Referee to Under-10 or Under-12 games U10/12 Refresher Clinic
Returning Referee to Under-14, Under-16 or Under-19 games U14+ Refresher Clinic
U8 Official ready to upgrade
Basic Referee Course
Regional Referee ready to upgrade Intermediate Referee Course
Intermediate Referee ready to upgrade
Advanced Referee Course
Advanced Referee ready to upgrade
National Referee Course

For any questions and more information, contact:

Jim Ivey, Regional Director of Referee Instruction

Lee Berg, Regional Referee Administrator
Withdrawing from a Course
If you can't attend a course for which you've registered, it helps the Lead Instructor if you withdraw in eAYSO.  This allows the Lead Instructor to have the proper instructors, material, and snacks available.
  • First log on to eAYSO
  • From the home page, look for a link that says "View enrolled classes"
  • The link will probably be near the bottom right of the eAYSO home page
  • It should look like this:
    View enrolled classes
By clicking on the link, it will open up a list of all courses in which the user is currently enrolled.
  • Select the course to withdraw from by clicking on the radio button to the left of the course
  • Click on the "Withdraw from class" button at the bottom of the screen and confirm the action when prompted to do so

This will withdraw the user from the course and automatically send a message of cancellation to the Lead Instructor and Contact Person.