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Intermediate Referee Course

The Intermediate Referee Course is for Regional Referees who would like to improve their skills on the field and to officiate more challenging and physically demanding matches. 
Fall 2018 classes are not yet scheduled in Palo Alto. When they are, please use AYSOU  for signup.
Regional Referees who are interested in refereeing games in the 14U division are strongly encouraged to move up to the Intermediate Referee level. 
"Intermediate" is the recommended badge for 12U and helpful for 10U.  The Intermediate Referee course will improve your refereeing skills, and make your games more fun and interesting for you.  In particular, the course will provide more in depth understanding of fouls and misconduct, offside, referee teamwork, and handling players, coaches and spectators in a more demanding environment.
An Intermediate Referee Course is usually offered in the fall in Region 26, in October or November.  It is also usually offered in the summer at Golden Gate Camp
To start off the fall season, please take the Refresher Clinic for your appropriate age range, and then register for the Intermediate Referee course.

For 2018, an Intermediate Referee Course is not yet scheduled in Palo Alto, but you may find other courses in AYSOU (see below for registration instructions).
This course is usually held at Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road in Palo alto.  Check back at this web page before the class for further instructions.  Times and room numbers are:
Fri, Date TBD , 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Room TBD
Sat, Date TBD, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Room TBD
Sun, Date TBD, 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM, Room TBD
Friday will be classroom instruction only.  Saturday will contain a 90-minute outdoor session, so wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Sunday will consist of a review and the exam.  We will provide lunch on Saturday and snacks for all days.  
If you have hardcopies of Laws of the Game, and AYSO Guidance, please bring them to class.  We will provide updated hardcopies as appropriate.  You can download softcopies from Basic Referee Course 10U to 12U.  If you have a convenient way of bringing the softcopy to class on a notebook or tablet computer, it would be helpful.
Bring note taking material and your water bottle.  See you there!

Registering for a Course:

Find courses at AYSOU after you are registered as a volunteer and have your Blue Sombrero login. Log in to AYSOU, select the "Live Courses" menu item, select "Show All" under the calendar. Then select the "Sessions" button for the "Intermediate Referee Course", scroll down through the classes, which are listed by date, until you find the one you want, and select the "Register" button. (To search for classes: In the lower right hand corner search field try "Palo Alto", "2/A", "2/J", "2/N", or enter the name of another city)

Withdrawing from the Course
If you have signed up in AYSOU but will not be able to make it, please withdraw from the course using instructions at the bottom of the Referee Classes page.
Preparing for the Course

Please give the following documents a thorough read before the course:
  • Laws of the Game (AYSO version)
  • AYSO Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Parents
Consider taking the Regional Referee Training course at AYSOU to refresh your knowledge of the laws.
The material above can be downloaded from Basic Referee Course 10U to 12U.
Thanks for your valuable time, and thanks for refereeing our kids' games!