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Referee Equipment

Palo Alto AYSO provides every referee in Region 26 with the basics: shirt, shorts, socks, whistle, and a copy of the Laws of the Game.  Regional Referees and higher certifications receive flags and data wallets.  You are expected to provide your own watch, shoes and pen or pencil.  That's enough to get you started and maybe enough to get you through your first couple of years as an AYSO referee.

Referee uniforms and basic equipment are available, free of charge, on several of the referee class evenings at the Cubberley Community Center.  Contact our Referee Equipment Coordinator if you have any questions.  Pick-up times are listed on the Calendar.

Other sources for purchasing referee gear:  
Jersey Colors
All referees are required to have the gold jersey.  Referee colors must be distinguishable from team and goalkeeper colors, and all referees must wear the same color jersey.
To assist Region 26 referees in choosing their next jersey so that it is most likely to match jerseys of other referees, we provide the following as a Region 26 convention:
Refs for U14 should carry the red jersey, and if they carry another jersey it should be blue.
Refs for U16 and U19 should carry the red and blue jerseys, and if they carry another jersey it should be green.
Black may be useful for inter-region and tournament play.