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Referee Mentoring

  • Feeling a little "off" after refereeing last weekend's match?
  • Want to learn more "tricks of the trade"?
  • Thinking of hanging it up and becoming a coach?
  • Looking for an answer to that perplexing refereeing question?
  • Just want to improve?

Maybe we can help.

We are developing improvements to our referee mentoring program for this fall.  The idea is to provide a positive environment where referees can learn from their more experienced colleagues before, during, and after their games. We're not talking about critical assessments here. Learning to referee is sometimes stressful enough. We intend to provide informal observation and friendly advice. Check out the goals of our program:

  • Make resources available to volunteer referees:
    • through informal on-field observation
    • through informal advice and consultation off the field
    • via electronic media such as the Web
  • Facilitate the job of referee coordinators:
    • by providing contacts to referees from other divisions
    • by publishing referee information of general use
  • Encourage referee education and development:
    • by sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom
    • by advertising referee clinics and advanced courses
    • by offering opportunities to referee in different gender/age groups

Here's what we will do:
  • Provide mentors for referees who specifically request them and, in general, for all candidates for Intermediate level badges and above.
  • Assign experienced referees to observe lower age group games on a drop-by basis. Such referees will assist the regular referee team by helping with sideline control and by offering supportive advice. We hope to assign 2 or 3 upper-level referees to each age/gender group.
  • Encourage higher level referees to act as mentors and to referee in at least one lower-level age group at some point during the season.
  • Find assignments for referees looking for a more challenging age group.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Want a mentor? Send us a message and we'll arrange one for you.
  • Want to be a mentor? Tell us who you are and we'll figure out how you can help.
  • Want to try a more challenging game? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.