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Referee Clinic Schedule

Volunteers may use training clinics from other Regions
 and we welcome volunteers from our neighboring Regions to our clinics. 
Thank you for volunteering.  
We look forward to seeing you at the training.

Be Sure To Check Out Golden Gate Camp
Online Training, different from clinics, can be accessed using your eAYSO ID number with this button.  This includes Safe Haven, Management, and lower division Coach and Referee courses.  It is best to take the Online Training and the Clinic.

The table below shows which Referee Certification you need. Courses are described in more detail at Referee Classes.
Most clinics are free.  When not free, Palo Alto volunteers are reimbursed for pre-approved training fees.  If you have a problem signing up for a course or you are seeking pre-approval for fee reimbursement, email one of the following persons.

Find Additional Clinics and Sign-Up Procedure for Clinics

  1. Find courses at AYSOU after you are registered as a volunteer and have your Blue Sombrero login. 

  2. Log in to AYSOU, select the "Live Courses" menu item.

  3. Select the "Sessions" button for the desired course.

  4. Scroll down through the classes, which are listed by date, until you find the one you want, and select the "Register" button.

Referee Certification Required
( for more info)
Each referee must be certified to the level of his division, or higher. Certification is obtained by completing the appropriate clinics and other requirements.   
Division    Minimum Certification        Recommended
Kinder        No Referee                               No Referee
U8              U8 Official                               U8 Official
U10            Regional                                  Regional
U12            Regional                                  Intermediate
U14            Regional/Intermediate              Advanced
U16            Intermediate                            National
U19            Intermediate                            National

We have a number of National Referees active in Palo Alto AYSO. 
Feel free to seek their counsel.