Referee Preparation and Status Checklist

The AYSO referee program in Palo Alto is under the overall direction of the Regional Referee Administrator,  The referee instructional program (certification courses and clinics) in the Region is managed by the Regional Director of Referee Instruction,

During the season, each age group (division) above U9 has a Referee Coordinator, who handles referee issues for the referees in that division.  In particular, Referee Coordinators schedule referees for the older division games where neutral referees are assigned, and help coaches recruit and train referees for the younger age groups where each team provides parent referees.

In addition, the Region schedules Referee Mentors to observe Referees in the field during the season to help them improve their technique and increase their enjoyment when officiating.  You can request a helpful, informal field observation by contacting our Regional Mentoring Coordinator,  For observations and formal assessments for upgrading to the next certification level, contact our Regional Director of Referee Assessment,

Are You Ready for the New Season?

A quick reference sheet to help you get ready.

Note:  This information is downloaded from eAYSO.  Sometimes this does not correctly link your information.  If you have a certification that is not showing here, please email the

Thank you for volunteering to referee.  Without your support we could not have games, and kids would not be able to play.  This form helps you understand what you need to do to be ready for the upcoming season.  You may not referee until the Regional Referee Administrator has approved you, as shown in the second column with the status of, Yes.  If you are not approved, read the remarks to the left to see what you need to do to get approved.

This list updated weekly, more often during registration.