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U16-U19 Free Substitution

Referee Training for Experienced Players
If you have played soccer extensively, you might wonder if you could just "jump in" at a higher level.  While playing experience is a great help to a referee, we still require that you start by taking the Basic Referee Course.  Although some of the Law material will be familiar to you, most players' knowledge of the Laws tends to be incomplete and out-of-date, so the review of the Laws will be worthwhile.  Also, refereeing is a skill, like playing but different, and you need to learn the game from this different perspective. 

We particularly welcome high school aged experienced soccer players.  If you are one and are interested in refereeing AYSO games, take the Basic Referee Course and please also send an email to our Regional Referee Administrator, so we can get you included in the Fall schedule.  You will earn community service hours for taking the course and for the games you referee.

If you are already a certified referee in another organization, please contact our Regional Referee Administrator.  We do cross-certify referees from some organizations (most notably, USSF) and we would be happy to get you involved with refereeing AYSO games in Palo Alto.

Advanced Referee Training
In addition to the courses described here, there are also more advanced classes for more experienced referees which cover the Laws and the art of refereeing in greater depth. These are described in Becoming a Better Referee.

Unlimited, monitored free substitutions are allowed throughout the game (with the Referee's permission). Procedures are described in the attached Free Substitution.

Rules and procedures for inter-regional play are more fully described in the attached Area Rules.
As these rules and procedures are updated you can find them at
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