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Law 01: The Field of Play

The field of play shall be rectangular with a length of 30-50 yards and a width of 20-35 yards.  It should be marked with distinctive lines, no more than 5 inches in width.  The longer boundary lines are called the touch lines.  The shorter boundary lines are called the goal lines.  The lines that mark the areas on the field are considered to be part of the areas that they mark.

A halfway line shall be marked out across the field. The center of the field shall be indicated by a mark and a circle shall be marked around it with a radius of 6 to 8 yards.

At each end of the field of play, a goal area line extending the entire width of the field shall be marked parallel to the goal line.  The goal area line shall be marked 7 yards from the goal line.  The area enclosed by the goal area line, the goal line, and the touch lines is called the "goal area."

A goal shall be placed, centered on each goal line, so that its front (open) edge is on the goal line. The two goals shall be identically sized: 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.  Nets should be attached to the posts, cross bars, and ground behind the goals. They should be placed and secured so as not to impede the players.

At each corner, a flag shall be placed on a post not less than 5 ft. high and having a non-pointed top. From each corner, a quarter circle, with a radius of 1 yard, shall be drawn inside the field of play.