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Law 04: The Player's Equipment

Every player shall wear the shirt, shorts, and socks of his/her team's uniform, shinguards, and footwear.  Shinguards must be worn against the skin, must be covered entirely by the socks, and should provide a reasonable degree of protection. 

A player shall not wear anything which, in the Referee's opinion, is dangerous to other players, or himself/herself.  Region 26, in accordance with AYSO policies, provides detailed guidance on specific articles that are considered dangerous (e.g., jewelry, medical casts, etc.).

Taping earrings or studs is not permitted.  Players with newly pierced ears that cannot remove the studs may not play.

Prior to the start of the match, the Referee shall inspect the players' equipment. Any player whose equipment does not comply with these requirements shall not play until it does.