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Law 07: The Duration of the Match

Games in the Younger Divisions will be played in two formats, alternating every week.

In one format, the teams will play two “mini-games” simultaneously on adjacent small-sided fields.  Each mini-team shall play a match against each of the opposing mini-teams. Each mini-game will consist of two periods. Each period shall be 10 minutes, with no substitutions (except for injuries) allowed during the period (because substitutions during such short halves would be disruptive to the game), and a half-time interval of 2 minutes.  The interval between mini-games shall be 5 minutes.  During the interval between games, the visiting team’s mini-teams swap fields while the home team’s mini-teams and the referees remain on the fields where the first mini-games were played.

In the second format, teams will divide up into two mini-teams which will each play a single game against one of the opposing mini-teams.  Each game in this format will consist of two 20-minute halves, with substitutions allowed at 10 minutes into each half, and a half-time interval of 5 minutes.

Allowance for time lost through substitution, the treatment of injured players, time wasting or other cause may be made at the discretion of the Referee.