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Law 15: The Throw-In

A throw-in is a method of restarting play.  A throw-in is awarded when the whole of the ball passes over a touch line, either on the ground or in the air.  The ball is thrown in from the point where it crossed the touch line, by a player of the team opposite to that of the player who last touched the

 ball.  A goal can not be scored directly from a throw-in.

The thrower, at the moment of delivering the ball, must face the field of play and part of each foot shall be either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line.  The thrower shall use both hands and shall deliver the ball from behind and over their head. The ball is in play immediately after it enters the field of play.

When a throw-in is being taken, the opposing players shall not dance about or gesticulate in a way calculated to distract or impede the thrower.

If the ball is improperly thrown in, the throw-in can be awarded to the opposing team or the Referee may allow the throw-in to be retaken.