Coach Information & Handbooks

Coaches are appointed by the Program Manager.  Coaches may choose to coach only an advanced, or an advanced and Instructional team.  

Élite Coaches may combine an Instructional and an Élite team training session, thereby reducing the number of sessions per week for the coach.

Coaches are required to be at least one level of certification higher than the standard, and maintain an ongoing learning and training regimen.  Assistant Coaches must be certified at level, or better.

 Coach Certification Reqiured  Asst Coach Certification Required  Nominal Roster Size
 U10  U12  U10  10
 U12  Intermediate  U12  12
 U14  Advanced  Intermediate  15

Training Schedule
The training sessions will be two days per week. In Spring Select, it is rare for a player to play in the Instructional Program as well, and will therefore attend both practices.  In the fall, most players play Élite only, and they will attend both practices.