Elite & Select Coach Handbook

In the interest of reducing coach workload to administrate their teams and to provide more fun to the kids, and provide transparency to parents, Palo Alto AYSO is providing support for accounting, websites, email, group administration and financial reporting.  Each of these is outlined below.

In keeping with the more demanding instruction for our Advanced Programs, we desire to have our coaches experienced and certified more highly than in our Instructional Programs.  Certification one level higher is requried, and may be waived in specific cases after review by the Select Program Producer. Safe Haven for coaches is required, as well as CDC Concussion Awareness certification, and current volunteer registration.

Required Certification
  • U10 Coaches certified to U12
  • U12 Coaches certified to Intermediate
  • U14 Coaches certified to Advanced
  • U16 & U19 Coaches certified to Advanced or National
  • Assistant coaches certified to standard level

Financial Transactions and Accounting 
The Coach is responsible for the budgeting of funds for his team, as well as choosing the venues for the team's tournament play.  The funds are managed by Palo Alto AYSO on your behalf in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined below.

AYSO National Policy requires that all funds are collected and disbursed by approved personnel through the Palo Alto AYSO bank account, our Treasurer and the Regional Commissioner.  We have a Regional Auditor that provides oversight to the administration and accounting.  
  • AYSO policies require all team funds for Select and Elite to be managed and audited by the Region.  This means that funds must be deposited to your account, and the treasurer writes checks against your account, in accordance with your check requests.  Our regional treasurer and auditor operate in the background to produce the reports to National.
  • Coach is primarily responsible for how team funds are collected and what they are spent on.  It is not up to the region to decide how a team spends their funds, but the coach is accountable to the parents of the team for the choices 
  • All AYSO tournaments require that checks are written on an AYSO regional account
  • AYSO National requires that all tournament fees, and all payments, be paid from the AYSO regional account
  • to get funds deposited, collect checks from parents made out to Palo Alto AYSO and mail them to our PO Box, or drop them in the AYSO drawer on the table in my front yard.  BE SURE TO PUT THEM INTO AN ENVELOPE THAT CLEARLY IDENTIFIES YOUR TEAM so that the credit goes to your team account
  • To check your balance and confirm your deposit has been credited to your team, you can see it on the web site.  Goto our home page, http://www.ayso26.org, click on "Soccer Programs" on the menu, and choose "Advanced Programs" on the drop down menu.  In the box, choose, "Team Funds" for the appropriate season.  On the spreadsheet page, click the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for your team.  Note that deposits are recorded as negative payments.   If your net funds are negative, you need to collect more from your parents and deposit it to the account
  • to get a check, you go to a special request page, login to your Elite or Select account, and enter the information into the form.  The page you go to is on our web site, http://www.ayso26.org    Choose "Soccer Programs" on the menu, and on the drop down, choose "Advanced Programs".  Then, in the box with pages listed, choose, "Coach Information & Handbooks".  On that page, in the Handbooks box, choose, "Payment Requests".  Here you will see Fall Elite Payment Request on the left and the Spring Select Payment Request on the right.  They forms may indicate you need permission.  This is where you have to login to your coach account, to see and use the forms.  At the very, very bottom of the page footer, is the link, "Sign in", in blue.  Click that, and login to your account, such as elite10b1 or select10b1.  Once you login the forms will show
  • to have the check sent directly to the recipient, such as Score, for team hoodies, enter the full information into the form and the check will be sent.  You can confirm the check was sent by looking at your balance to see which transactions have been processed, per item 6 above.  If you want the check made out to a tournament, but sent to your house so that you can include the check with your tournament application, then enter the Pay To information for the tournament, but enter your own address.  The check will be sent to you
  • You, or a parent, may elect to pay for some items personally and then submit a receipt for reimbursement.  This is done in the same way as requesting a payment.  Simply indicate yourself, or the parent, as the payee.  Of course, you must still supply a receipt showing the payment.
Shorthand to Team Online Addresses
for sample team of Girls U10 Team 1

Team Manager

The coach appoints a Team Manager to assist with team administration and to manage the Team Uniform Kit.  You enter that person into WYS.  The Team Manager is the only person other than coaches who receive regional emails.  You may only appoint one Team Manager, and the Team Manager has similar privileges to see and edit team data, as does the coach.  The Team Manager may also create/appoint team volunteer positions.  However, these other volunteer positions do not have the ability to edit the team information.  To appoint the Team Manager, go to your Coach / Team Volunteers page, and click on the link for the Team Manager.  You will get a drop-down box to choose the parent.  The Team Manager should go to the page, http://teammanager.ayso26.org for instructions.

Player Cards

Be sure to get your ID cards ready as soon as possible.  Don't wait to the last minute and lose out because other teams also left it to the last minute and there is not enough time to prepare the cards.

The tournaments and PCSSL require the players and coaches to have AYSO Picture ID cards that are certified by the Regional Commissioner.  The ID cards will be printed, and the coach must sign their own card.  The ID cards will then be given to PCSSL for stamping and lamination, and will then give them to the coaches at the PCSSL meeting in early February. For the Fall Elite, the cards will be laminated by a regional volunteer.  These cards are required to be given to the officiating referee at each game.  No player or coach may participate in the game without a player card.

Spring Select and Fall Elite Online Facilities

AYSO26 Account
Each head coach has a login account in the AYSO26 domain. The account is to send/receive email and access and update online documents,. The account is coded by team, such as select10g1.  The initial password will be provided in an email when you request it from the webmaster@ayso26.org. You will be prompted to change the password to your own choosing when you first log in.

This account is an email account for conducting communication as a Spring Select or Fall Elite Coach.  There will be no confusion as to who is originating the email or where to address email.  These email accounts are pre-populated into the AYSO26 domain group aliases.  To log into your email account goto http://mail.ayso26.org.  Do not forward your AYSO email account to your regular email account.  Doing so will cause all of your reply emails to have the incorrect origination address.

Your teams, practice fields, snack coordinator and other facilities are all available in WebYouthSoccer, much like the regular season.

Overview of Spring Select Season - Agenda

  • October - coaches appointed by Producr
  • Oct/Nov - player tryouts are conducted by Coaches with Assessors
  • November - registration finalized
  • December - teams are formed by Producer
  • January - rosters finalized by Coaches
  • January - practice field assignments are provided
  • January - uniforms distributed
  • January - season tournaments booked
  • February - PCSSL coaches meeting, ID cards are distributed
  • January through February - winter scrimmages
  • March & April - league play
  • April through May - various tournaments
Overview of Fall Elite Season - Agenda
  • May - Coaches appointed by Producer
  • May - player tryouts conducted by the coaches with assessors
  • June - registration finalized
  • July - practice fields assigned
  • July - coaches organize scrimmages
  • July - teams attend summer 4x4 tournaments
  • August - season starts
  • August to December - teams attend tournaments

For additional information on our online facilities, See the  Regional Admin Handbook