How to Add an Email Address

Please remember to refrain from exposing people's addresses openly in your emails.  If you use the team's group address then personal addresses are hidden.  If you find it necessary to send and email with a list of personal addresses, please be courteous and respectful of people's privacy by placing personal addresses on the BCC line of your email.  It is our policy to protect people's privacy from the Internet and spam.  Our use of Google domain groups and email addresses, eAYSO and WebYouthSoccer protect personal email addresses from search engines and web page scrapers.  Please do your part to ensure this privacy protection applies to your team and others in AYSO that you need to communicate with.

You may also have noticed that all websites and email communications within the domain requires secure communications.  Whenever your browser or emailer communicate with they are switched by the domain to secure mode.  Therefore, the recipients and content of our emails are secure within our intercommunication.  Of course, what happens to the email if it is sent to another domain is out of our control.

Login to Your Group

  2. click Sign in at the top right corner
  3. enter your login and password and click Sign in
  4. Choose your team's group

Add the Email Address

  1. From the Group page, click on Invite Members at the right
  2. Click on Add members directly
  3. Enter the email addresses that you wish to add into the top text box area, with each address separated by commas
  4. You may write a welcome message, but it is unnecessary
  5. Click Add members button near the bottom of the page
Each email address will be checked as a valid destination address with the target server.  For example, if the persons email is, the submit process will contact to see if it is a valid email address.  If it is not you will get a dialog box to correct or drop it.

Each person's email address that is valid will be sent an email telling them they have been added to the group alias.