Producer Handbook

This Handbook is a planning guide for the Spring Select Producer.  It explains the major steps required to produce the Spring Select Program and provides a checklist to ensure nothing is missed.
The Spring Select Producer is responsible to appoint the Spring Select Coaches and ensure the steps are undertaken to form the teams, reset the Spring Select online tools, and ensure the coaches are complying with the program procedures.  The Producer may enlist the help of the webmaster and others in accomplishing these tasks.

Spring Select Program Agenda

  • Preliminary
    • as the Fall Program is concluding, begin appointing coaches to the Spring Select teams
    • with the help of, organize field slots to conduct tryouts during December
    • ensure coaches organize tryouts and select players
    • ensure sufficient coaches are recruited
    • as you appoint each coach, notify the to help the coach get going with access to his account
    • inform the coach about the Spring Select Coach Admin Handbook
    • Confirm the coach is online with his email by sending him a test email to his Spring Select address
    • choose dates for final roster, fee collection and coach's meeting.  The coach's meeting should be roughly mid-January, and the final roster and fee collection must be completed prior to that, so that the players cards can be distributed at the coach's meeting
    • book the Chicago Pizza for the coaches meeting
    • move the events in the Regional Calendar for each of these three milestones from the previous year.  These events already have an explanation and will issue invitations and reminders to the coaches for the current year once you move the date of the event
  • eAYSO Setup
    • ensure program and teams are created in eAYSO, assign the coaches to their teams
    • get player roster from coach and assign the players to the teams
    • if player is from another region, contact to effect a temporary transfer of the player's record from the other region

Team Setup in eAYSO

The Spring Select Program and the Team Template will be created in eAYSO for you.  You need to edit the team to add your players and enter the information about your team.

  1. Move players from the Primary Program to Spring Select
    1. Region -> Player -> Programs to take you to the Manage Programs screen.
    2. On the left, set Program From to "Primary" and set Division and Gender to the players you are selecting.
    3. On the right, set Program To to "Spring Select" set Division and Gender.
    4. For the players on the left that you want to move over to the Spring Select program, check the box under the checkmark for the list on the left, and then click the single right arrow ">" (don't use the ">>" or all of the players will be copied).  Note that the list may be longer than one page and you will see multiple page links at the bottom of the page.  Do not move between pages without moving your selected players first.  When you move to another page the system loses your checkmarks.
  2. Assign players to the Spring Select Team
    1. Region --> Teams --> Add/Move Players to take you to the Add/Move Players to a Team page.
    2. At the top set the Program to Spring Select.
    3. On the left, set DivisionGender, and Team to Unassigned.  This will list the players yet to be assigned to a team.
    4. On the right, set DivisionGender and Team to indicate the desired Spring Select Team.  This will list the players already assigned to the team.
    5. Check the boxes for the players on the left to be assigned to the team.
    6. Select the   >   box to move the players from the Unassigned list to the team.
  3. Update team information
    1. Region --> Teams -->  Lookup to get to the Lookup Team page.
    2. Set the Program to Spring Select.
    3. Find the team and select the Edit link on the far left corresponding to the team.
    4. Enter all information, click   Update    and  Back .