Spring Select Registrar Handbook

Setup and Manage Spring Select Teams in eAYSO

The procedure is to 
  1. create a Spring Select program in eAYSO for the current year,  
  2. create the Spring Select teams in the Spring Select program in WYS, then 
  3. prepare the web sites for the Spring Select teams in AYSO26, then
  4. prepare the Google Groups for the Spring Select teams in AYSO26.
These steps are detailed below.  When done, the rosters and player cards can be maintained and printed directly from eAYSO, meeting the requirements of the tournaments and National Games.

NOTE:  eAYSO is written in .net, and some of the interactions with the web browser do not do well unless Internet Explorer is used.


  1. Create the Spring Select program in eAYSO.
    1. Login to eAYSO with sufficient privileges.
    2. Region -> Setup -> Programs.  You will see the programs already created.  If the Spring Select program is not yet created, click Create New Program.  For our Palo Alto Region the start date can be 1/1 and the end date 5/30, and the fees are 0.  Give the program the name "Spring Select".
  2. Create Teams in the Spring Select Program.
    1. Region -> Teams -> Create A Team
    2. For Team designation use the Palo Alto standard naming convention, spring10g1, as an example. 
    3. Set the Program to "Spring Select". 
    4. Select the Team Coach, Team Asst. Coach and any other fields needed.
    5. NOTE: If a coach cannot be found in the pulldown list, then go to Region -> Volunteer -> Manage Positions, find the volunteer who should be a coach and change Job 2 or Job 3 to "Team Coach".
    6. Click the Submit button.
  3. Place players into the appropriate Spring Select Team.
    1. Region -> Teams -> Add/Move Players
    2. Set the Program to "Spring Select". 
    3. On the left, select the Division and Gender and leave Team as "Unassigned".  You should see the players in the Spring Select program that are not yet assigned to a team.
    4. On the right, select Division, then Gender and then your newly created team (for instance, spring10g1).
    5. Select the players on the left using the checkboxes.
    6. Click the single right arrow ">" to move the players from the Unassigned to the team.

At this point, you have created a team and populated it with players. 

To transition a player off of a team and replace them, just follow the similar steps above using the Add/Move Players function once a player has been copied to the Spring Select program.

Region -> Teams -> Lookup will allow you to see all of the teams and edit the basics of a team if necessary.  This also allows you to print the Roster in "long format" as well as lineup cards and the Player ID cards.

To print a Roster using the Tournament Roster format (a shorter format than above), select Reports -> Team and fill out the parameters you want.  Or you can simply run a report for all teams and get a PDF file of a team or teams.