Advanced Play Programs Treasurer Handbook

The accounting procedures for the Spring Select and Fall Elite teams support the audit and transparency needs of our Region.  Each team must budget its own revenue and expenses and control its collections and payments, yet run the funds through our Regional AYSO bank account. AYSO requires that all funds handled on behalf of the AYSO is managed through the AYSO bank account, controlled by the Regional Treasurer, and audited by the Regional Auditor.   The funds are collected from the parents by the coaches, made out to Palo Alto AYSO and are sent to the Advanced Program Treasurer as explained below.  For all expenses, the coach is required to make an online check request and the Advanced Program Treasurer issues the check.  Oversight is provided by the Regional Treasurer.

Accounting Procedure

Each Advanced Program team is accounted for separately, even though their funds are blended into the Regional bank account.  

To enter a deposit or check request, the Coach or Team Manager must be logged into the coaches regional gmail account, such as or

Coaches or the Team Manager enter the deposit request and payment request on the page, into the left or right of the page, depending on the Program the team belongs to.
Registration payments by players is the majority of the funds that will be collected for the team.  Additional checks that are collected by the coach should be sent to the Advanced Program Treasurer, with sufficient explanation of the reason for the check, and to whom the credit is for.  The address is;
Asst Treasurer, Advanced Programs
Palo Alto AYSO
PO Box 1493
Palo Alto, CA 94302

The Deposit and Payments requests are accumulated into a Google Doc spreadsheet.  You access the spreadsheet with your regional account,  All interactions regarding team accounting such as email or document updates must be done using this account.  Those communications become part of the record for audit purposes.

To access the spreadsheet, click here for Spring Select or Fall Elite.  Be sure to login to your regional account to be able to edit the spreadsheet.  Do not change any tabs.  They are all calculated for informational purposes, so that each team can see their transactions broken out in a separate register.  The Asst Treas focuses on the tab, Master.

On the Master tab is the register of deposits and payments.  Note that the first column, Username, is the login address of the person who made the entry.  It is only recognized if it is a legitimate login, and is color coded.  If the the entry is white in this column, then it is not a legitimate user.  

Deposits should be entered by coaches.  The Asst Treas receives the deposit check and confirms it in the register by entering the check number in column M, and entering initials into column N.  Proceed to deposit the check in the bank account.

Payment requests are entered by coaches.  The expense must be approved in the column N by the Regional Commissioner or the Treasurer before it may be processed.  Once it is approved, write the check using the data on the spreadsheet and enter the check number in column M.  All checks require 2 signatures.

Supplies and checks are provided by the Treasurer.


Tournaments should be sent individual checks for each team, accompanying the team's application to the tournament.  The coach enters the specific check request into your Team Accounting form.   Generally, the coach will enter their own address, so that the check will go to the coach.  In such a case, the check should still be made out to the tournament.

There is no charge for Palo Alto teams in the El Palo Alto Tournament, instead the teams contribute volunteer work at the Tournament.  If the coach requests a check for El Palo Alto, it will be denied.

Tournament Addresses for Forms and Checks

Tournament Registrar
Pacifica Fog Classic
936 Lincoln Place
Pacifica, CA 94044

Concord Cup Soccer
PO Box 674
Concord, CA 94522-0674

PHMSA/Soccerfest, Region 281
PO Box 2327
Pleasant Hills, CA 94523

Davis AYSO Region 218
682 Equador Place
Davis, CA 95616

Budget for Fields
The treasurer should plan for a field expense that will be charged to their account at the end of the season.  The field time is calculated and charged directly to your account around the end of May.  Guideline budgeting should be:

U10 - $400
U12 - $1100
U14 - $1200
U16 - $1200
U19 - $1400