Rules - Élite (AYSO Extra)

AREA 2A, 2B & 2N Joint EXTRA Program



The EXTRA program is a program for U-10 through U-14 players (boys and girls) currently being offered for all Regions of Areas 2A, 2B & 2N of Section 2 (the EXTRA Program).  This program is designed to provide options for players to play soccer at a more challenging level for those players who possess the desire and appropriate skills and abilities. These guidelines shall serve as the governing document for the EXTRA Program conducted jointly in Areas 2A, 2B and 2N.


Because Areas 2A, 2B and 2N are participating in this program, the EXTRA program is under the jurisdiction of the Section 2 Director.

Each participating Area Director in Section 2 is responsible for overseeing/verifying that the National EXTRA program requirements are met as they pertain to player eligibility, coach eligibility, team formation, field support and Referee support by those Regions within their Area that elect to participate in the EXTRA program.  


These Rules and Regulations are applicable to the EXTRA Program and are based on the AYSO National EXTRA Program Guidelines, AYSO adapted FIFA Laws, as well and Area 2A, 2B and 2N regulatory decisions.

  1. The EXTRA Program Director shall manage the Program and is empowered to implement these Rules and Regulations.

  1. The EXTRA Program Director will be responsible for: 
    1. Scheduling.
    2. Ensuring Rules and Regulations compliance with the AD’s and RC’s assistance. 
    3. Managing of the Program as outlined in these Rules and Regulations.

  1. The EXTRA Program Director has the authority to suspend players, coaches, and referees for infractions to the Rules and Regulations, or the AYSO Philosophies.

  1. Regional Commissioners will be responsible for: 
    1. Ensuring the eligibility of players in their Regions. The player selection procedures are designed to be impartial, fair and are considerate of the players and their families. The regions will be using but not limited to their ratings and impartial, qualified evaluators, for team selection. Team coaches may act in an advisory capacity, but evaluators will be totally impartial.
    2. Coordinating regional teams, coaches, referees and equipment. 
    3. Securing fields. 
    4. Securing team registration fees (if applicable).

  1. The EXTRA Program Board is comprised of the Area Director’s, Area Referee Administrator’s, Area Coach Administrator’s, one Regional Commissioner from each participating Area and the EXTRA Program Director.


  1. Each Regional Commissioner of a Region electing to participate in the EXTRA program is responsible for his/her Region’s compliance with established player eligibility requirements.  Player eligibility, as pertains to age requirements to participate in a specific gender/age bracket, is defined in the AYSO National Rules & Regulations.   

  1. In order to tryout for an EXTRA team, players must either be registered with AYSO or complete the Non-AYSO Registered Participant Form.  There is no requirement that EXTRA players have previously played or registered as AYSO players.  Players shall be selected through an evaluation and selection process described below.  The AYSO National Support & Training Center player database shall be the source of determining all players’ current registration status, the creation of team rosters and ID cards.  

  1. Gender/age bracket placement of players shall be based on their age as of July 31 of the current registration year.  

  1. Placing/playing an ineligible player on a team may result in the expulsion of the player and/or coach from the EXTRA program, or such other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Area/Section Directors. The Area/Section Directors shall also determine the extent of culpability with the possibility of additional sanctions being administered.


1. Coaches participating in EXTRA should be of the excellent quality.  At a minimum, EXTRA coaches (head and assistant) must:

  • Coaches will comply with these Rules and Regulations
  • Have a current Volunteer Application on file at the National Support & Training Center;
  • Be an AYSO trained and certified coach as specified in these Guidelines;
  • Be Safe Haven certified;
  • Be an active participant in the Region’s standard primary program as an instructor, coach, referee or referee mentor, or other volunteer service the Region determines adequate to fulfill this requirement;
  • Be in good standing with the Region, Area and/or Section and AYSO;
  • Coaches are first selected by their Regional Coach Administrator; they must be approved by their Regional Commissioner; be approved by their regional board; and then accepted by the EXTRA Program Board
  • Have a team roster, Player ID cards and copies of AYSO Player Registration Forms (with Emergency Authorization) for each participating player as well as their own ID cards.  These must be at all events (games, practices, scrimmages, parties etc.) in which the team participates. 
  • Properly completed and laminated Coach ID’s are to be provided by the regions, and prominently displayed by all coaches. ID’s may be supported on lanyards, in clear badge holders, and must be easily visible for referees and Program officials, displaying the Coach Name, Team Division, AYSO Coach Training Level (highest level appropriate), Recent Photo, AYSO ID, Home Region, and Season Year. Coaches may proudly incorporate their AYSO certification badges in this ID, and are encouraged to do so.
  • Be evaluated and renewed each membership year.

2. Coaches desiring to coach must have completed age specific training/certification levels as listed below:  

U-10 and U-12—U-12 Coach

U-14—Intermediate Coach       

U-16 and U-19—Advanced Coach  

It is strongly recommended that EXTRA program coaches be certified at least one level above the level they intend to coach (except as set forth above, U-10 coaches must be certified at the U-12 level). It is also strongly recommended that coaches have continuing education each year as designed by the Region.  

3. Those wanting to coach must fill in an application and submit it for approval. The EXTRA Program Director will conduct a mandatory EXTRA coach meeting prior to the start of the EXTRA season which each coach assigned to an EXTRA team must attend.

4. Only positive, instructive and encouraging coaching is allowed. There will only be two (2) coaches of record allowed per team. Coaches must remain in the technical area during play, within ten (10) yards of the halfway line. The home team’s coach (listed first on schedule), will be on the left side of the half-way line (facing the field), and the visitors are on the right side. Coaches are responsible for teams respecting the opponent’s technical area.

5. Coaches are to keep players, substitutes, parents and spectators at least two (2) yards back from the touchline. No one is permitted behind the goal areas during play. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players, parents and spectators.


  1. All EXTRA Program games are conducted by AYSO certified referees using the diagonal system of control (DSC). In the event that two assistant referees are not available, club linesmen will be used; two-man referees systems will not be used. Club linesmen derive their duties from the referee and may only indicate when the ball has left the field of play. A certified referee acting as a club linesman may be granted more duties at the discretion of the referee. 

  1. Referees will be assigned to games in divisions for which they are certified based on their badge level, as follows (though it is recommended that referees be certified at least one level above those listed):

  • U-10 – Basic (Regional)
  • U-12/U-14 – Intermediate
  • U-16/U-19 – Advanced

  1. Referees are subject to the approval and acceptance of the EXTRA Program Board.

  1. The Referees are expected to arrive at their assigned matches a minimum of twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled kickoff to facilitate team check in.

  1. The EXTRA Program Director and Area Referee Administrators shall determine the Regional Referee assignments.  The Regional Referee Administrators are responsible 

  1. Referees will verify that the coach has Medical Release forms for all players on the team. If the Coach does not have the Medical Release forms, the Referee cannot start the game. No copied medical release forms will be accepted without “original” parental signature or eAYSO Electronic Signature. Referees may not allow any player to play unless dressed in the proper uniform.

  1. Referees shall check the Player and Coach ID Cards at each game.

  1. The Referee has the obligation to abandon the game if “in the opinion of the referee”, the weather, or field conditions and equipment, are not acceptable for safe and proper play.

  1. The Referee will file “24 Hour” reports on reporting any Red Cards issued or any other disciplinary actions of an unusual nature.

  1. At the end of each game, the Home coach will ensure that the Game Referee completes all of the information on the Line-Up Cards (score, team winner/loser, Red/Yellow Card Infractions, and Sportsmanship Program Evaluation) and provide the Game Referee with an addressed envelope for them to mail directly to the statistician who will record the scores and post them on the web site.


  1. Many of the games will be played on turf fields and will not be cancelled due to rain on those fields.

  1. On turf fields, please follow the rules posted at each park or school. Meaning no FOOD OR DRINK OTHER THAN WATER IS ALLOWED ON THE FIELDS.

  1. The host Region shall provide corner flags for their fields with scheduled games. Home teams (listed first on schedule), will provide a game ball(s).

  1. Clean up is the responsibility of each team, and every spectator, parent and coach.
  2. Host Regions are responsible for ensuring safe access to the field, and equipment at each scheduled location.

  1. Each Region must provide an adequate number of fields appropriate for the age divisions that are participating from that region.  The field commitments are to be provided to the EXTRA Program Director by ___________________ on the Field Requisition Form that will be sent to each participating Region.


  1. The 2012 EXTRA Program will begin on _______________________ and end _____________________.

  1. All games must be played at the designated times and locations; any schedule changes must be approved in advance, by the EXTRA Program Board.

  1. In case a team is late or does not field seven (7) players or does not have the Medical Release forms, the Referee shall abandon the game fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled game time. The game will be deemed a forfeit.  

  1. Any delay in the start of the game will be subtracted from the normal total game time for that division and the remaining time split into two equal halves.  The Referee shall note the reason for any late starts on the game cards.

  1. Only the municipality, school district, Home Regional Commissioner, Regional Coordinator, or the Referee has the authority to postpone games due to weather, or field conditions.

  1. The EXTRA Program Director may direct that the location of a game be changed in the interest of the Player’s safety (i.e. a Region is unable to provide a safe field or qualified referees).


  1. The EXTRA Program is designed for the U-10 through U-14 age divisions.  Each year, the EXTRA Program Coordinator shall inform the participating Regions of the divisions that will be available for the coming season. 

  1. The maximum number of players on a team must not exceed 9 for U10, which plays 7 v 7 on the field, 12 for U12, which plays 9 v 9 on the field and 15 for U14, which plays 11 v 11 on the field.

  1. Guest players are not allowed in the EXTRA program.

  1. At no time is inter-regional recruitment of players allowed without the prior approval of each of the Regional Commissioners and Area Director concerned.  Recruitment without prior approval may result in sanctions by the Area Director, who shall convene as a disciplinary board in such instances.

  1. Players will be allowed to play in neighboring regions when no team is available in their home region, but only with the approval of the Regional Commissioners involved, the player, the player’s parents, and with written notification to and acceptance by the Program Director.

  1. Players are only permitted to play on the team they are officially registered on. If a player participates on a team that they are not registered on, the game may be an automatic forfeit and the player may be subject to expulsion from the program and the coach, or coaches suspended a minimum of one game, after counsel with the coach's home Regional Commissioner and EXTRA Program Director.

  1. All eligible players in uniform and at the field at the beginning of the game must play a minimum of ¾ of the game. Players arriving during 1st quarter are only required to play 1⁄2 the game and those arriving during the 2nd or 3rd quarters are only required to play one quarter.

  1. In U -10 and U-12, goalkeepers may play no more than 2 quarters in goal. In U14 goalkeepers may play the whole game in goal provided that the aforementioned requirements the ¾ play rule are met.

  1. All participants must be signed up in the concurrent AYSO membership year, and participate in the standard primary program.  A player that misses 2 consecutive and/or 3 or more standard primary program games or practices may be suspended from the next EXTRA game.

    1. Redwood City and Palo Alto are conducting a hybrid trial program where players can choose to be concurrent or side-by-side.  

  1. Players will only be allowed to be registered, and play on one EXTRA Program team. 


  1. All participants in a selection process must be registered with AYSO prior to the process and have paid a non-refundable player registration fee of $15.00 or complete the Non-AYSO Registered Participant Form and pay the requisite tryout fee (a non-refundable fee of $5.00 per form must be submitted by the hosting AYSO entity).   These forms should be made available for on-site participation of any player not registered in AYSO prior to arriving at the evaluation.  All currently registered AYSO players in the gender/age bracket of the selection being conducted are eligible to participate. NOTE: if the evaluation is taking place prior to the start of the MY for which a new player is registered, they must use the Non-AYSO Registered Participant Form so that they have insurance coverage for the event.

  1. All players must be newly selected each membership year. Teams will be reformed and balanced each membership year. It is possible that not all players who tryout will be selected to a team.

  1. Each player who participates in the player selection process will be notified promptly after the final selection date whether he or she was selected to a team. Notification must first be given to those players who were not selected with the assurance they will be placed on a standard primary program team in the standard Region process. 

  1. Regions are encouraged to select as large a team as specified in the section on “TEAMS” above to ensure enough players and substitutes are available each game day as well as to eliminate the need for adding players at a later date.

  1. Tryouts will be held amongst all regions within an Area, no region shall conduct independent tryouts.  This is designed to maintain consistency and transparency in the evaluation process.

  1. Each Area will hold at least two (2) preferably three (3) tryouts (more are allowed as necessary such that all players interested in trying out have the opportunity if there is a limitation to the number of participants per tryout).

  1. All players will wear numbers for selections.  Evaluations will be as blind as possible.

  1. Evaluations will be in accordance with the “Open Tryout Procedures AYSO EXTRA Program” prepared by the Extended Play Task Force and The AYSO National Coaching Advisory Commission.

  1. Evaluators are strongly encouraged to use a short-sided game format to evaluate players.  Evaluators may also use additional skill tests that are age appropriate and in accordance with AYSO’s coaching programs.

  1. AYSO Camp Evaluators or Impartial Advanced Coaches (at minimum) from a different Area or those with higher level coaching licenses will conduct the evaluations that create raw scores.  Regardless of coaching license held, a parent of a player trying out for and EXTRA program team may not participate as an evaluator for his/her child’s age division.

  1. The Regional Coach Administrator also should be involved in the EXTRA program selection process.  No coach who will be coaching an EXTRA program team may participate in the selection process. The EXTRA program coach should observe all players throughout all the selections

  1. When all selections have been completed, the Region will calculate scores for all participants and establish a rank order of participants.

  1. To be fair the evaluations are the main criteria for determining who is on a team.  Certain discretion can be given during the team formation.  But to keep transparency and fairness, no player ranked further down the evaluation list then 150% of the team capacity can be considered.  That means if a team can have 15 players, no player ranked below 22 can be considered for the team (assuming one team), this even applies to the child of a coach.

  1. Regions that have approval for more than one (1) team per division must balance those teams.

  1. The selection committee will consist of the Regional Commissioner, the Region Coach Administrator, the Regional EXTRA Program Coordinator and any other designees by the Regional Commissioner, all who must be neutral participants.

  1. Regions are to notify all players who tried out as to their status within 48 hours of the conclusion of the last evaluation and player selections determined.  Notification to those players who are not selected must first be made.

  1. Replacement players must also be selected as defined above.  Additionally, roster changes must meet the requirements set forth below.


  1. Team Rosters must be entered into eAYSO by                July 15th 2012                

  1. The Regional Registrar must make all approved additions and deletions in eAYSO and should be entered as they occur throughout the season.

  1. Teams will have until ___________________________________ to add additional players to their rosters. Thereafter, rosters are not to be changed, nor additions made without the approval and permission of the respective Regional Commissioners and/or Regional Coordinator and the approval of the EXTRA Program Director.


  1. Teams are NOT permitted to begin practice or engage in any training activity until all participating teams have been chosen within their Region and approved by the Regional Commissioner, but no sooner than August 1 of the new membership year.    Only players on the official roster are permitted to participate in team training.  


  1. Players shall be prohibited from entering the field unless they are properly attired with the issued regulation AYSO uniform, consisting of a numbered shirt (with AYSO logo) tucked into the shorts, and socks covering approved shin guards. The EXTRA Program uniforms may also have the EXTRA logo patch placed on the upper right sleeve and/or lower right front of the shorts in accordance with Article VI.C of the AYSO National Rules & Regulations. Referees should use common sense when enforcing this rule.

  1. All undergarments (slide pants, undershirts, etc...) which extend visibly beyond the required uniform must be as close as possible in color to the main color of the uniform part under which they are worn. A solid black or white undergarment is also allowed.

  1. It is the responsibility of the home team to supply, and wear pennies when requested by the referee. Host regions may need to purchase pennies in order to satisfy this requirement, and make them available for use at scheduled games.

  1. Due to liability concerns, all players must wear the issued uniforms properly, with the prescribed AYSO logo, in order to be covered by AYSO insurance.

  1. In inclement weather, the referee may choose to allow sweatshirts or sweaters (worn under Team jerseys) and the use of knit caps (NO baseball caps or attached hoods are allowed) as well as gloves.

  1. Jewelry of any kind and/or type is prohibited. 

  1. Casts of any variety are not allowed, not even with the written consent of a doctor. Wraps, such as ACE bandages, elastic knee or elbow supports and knee braces are permitted at the discretion of the referee.

  1. Goalkeepers may wear a soft brim hat, cap or visor if desired, subject to the Referee’s approval (NO baseball caps will be allowed). Additionally, goalkeepers may wear goalie pants, which are designed for soccer play.

  1. Player jerseys will also have the player’s number displayed on the front, near the chest panel, but not in conflict with either the AYSO logo, or the vendor icon respectively.

  1. EXTRA program teams shall be provided with uniforms similar to those provided to other primary program teams.  General Region funds are not to be expended for any additional player uniforms, warm-ups, backpacks, additional field usage needs, etc.

  1. The Referee is the final authority on the safety of any player’s uniform and equipment.


1. Any injury to, or damage caused by an AYSO participant shall be reported by any involved Coach to: (A) the host Regional Commissioner, or Regional Safety Director, and (B) the participating coaches’ Regional Commissioner, or Regional Safety Director. Any individuals needing assistance with this process should contact the EXTRA Program Director immediately.

2. The Coach must show the AYSO Medical Release forms to the Referee at the beginning of the game. If the Coach does not have the Medical Release forms, with the original “wet” signatures or eAYSO Electronic Signature, the Referee is not to start the game.

3. The Referee is authorized to stop the game at any time to deal with an injured player.


  1. The Rules and Regulations are in accordance with the most current FIFA Laws of the game and AYSO Rules and Regulations. AYSO Rules shall supersede FIFA Laws.

  1. Properly completed line-up cards must be presented to the referee prior to the start of the game. These cards will include all registered players regardless of attendance, listed in NUMERICAL order.

  1. No free substitution is allowed

  1. The Referee assignments will be determined by the EXTRA Program Director and Area Referee Administrators.

  1. The EXTRA Program Board shall determine the outcome of any game terminated or abandoned by the referee.

  1. Games cancelled for any reason shall be made up at the discretion of the EXTRA Program Director.

  1. Game time will be in accordance with the AYSO rules and regulations with the half time break of five (5) minutes.


  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on or near the playing field.

  1. No smoking by anyone is permitted on or near the playing field.

  1. Players, coaches, parents and spectators will conduct themselves in a manner that supports good sportsmanship, clean play and AYSO as an organization.

  1. Negative comments and complaints about game officials, in the performance of their volunteer duties is strictly prohibited; and as such, must be cooperatively controlled by both teams’ coaches. Failure to respect our game officials, or support their efforts to ensure a Safe, Fun, and Fair soccer experience, may be subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Foul or abusive language especially that which, in the opinion of the referee, is directed toward a person or persons, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with summarily by the referee.

  1. Any physical assault on referees, assistant referees, AYSO coaches or officials by a player, parent, or coach, will result in automatic and permanent expulsion from AYSO EXTRA Program. All other sanctions will be considered; this does not preclude separate legal action.

  1. Conduct, which brings disrepute on AYSO, may result in the suspension or expulsion of the participant(s) involved.

  1. Should violators of the penalties set forth in this section refuse to immediately correct the situation or leave the field when requested to do so by the Referee, the game shall be suspended until the situation has been resolved.  If it is not resolved, in what the Referee considers a reasonable amount of time, the game shall be terminated and the incident reported to the EXTRA Program Director.


  1. Send-Off’s (Red Cards) and/or Cautions (Yellow Cards) given in EXTRA games are not subject to appeal.

  1. A sent-off player must leave the vicinity of the field-of play and is suspended from the team’s next match. Additional match suspensions may be mandated depending on the nature of the misconduct. If a suspended player plays while suspended, that player may be suspended for the remainder of the season. All games played with a suspended player may be deemed forfeits for that team. In order for reinstatement, the PLAYER must contact and meet with their Area Director prior to any further AYSO training or games; No Exceptions!

  1. A player receiving three (3) yellow cards during the course of the season will be suspended for the next match. If the suspended player plays in the team’s next match, the player may be suspended for the remainder of the season, and all games played in violation of this rule may be deemed forfeits for said team. (See rule #7 below)

  1. A player receiving two (2) red cards, or six (6) yellow cards during the course of the season may be suspended for the remainder of the season.

  1. All yellow cards, red cards and incidents of serious misconduct must be documented by the match referee on the line-up card, which must be mailed using the envelope provided by the Home team Coach at the end of each day’s play. 

  1. All red cards issued must be reported by the match Referee within 24 hours of the game. A 24 hour report form is to be filled out online at

  1. If a player attempts to circumvent the aforementioned provisions by attempting to play in a game while on suspension, the player may be suspended for the remainder of the season, and the team coach may be subject to suspension as well. (see rule #3 above)

  1. A coach who fails to comply with the EXTRA Program Rules as defined herein may be suspended. Depending on the severity, or frequency of the infraction, the EXTRA Program Board may expel the coach from the Program. Disciplined coaches may not practice with, attend games with, participate with, or in any way have contact with the team until the suspension/expulsion is lifted.

  1. Disciplined coaches must be re-approved by the EXTRA Program Board before being allowed to participate.

  1. If a coach is found to be in violation of a suspension or expulsion, the team may forfeit all games played throughout the season.

  1. Should violators of the penalties set forth in this section refuse to immediately leave the field when requested to do so by the Referee, the game shall be suspended until the situation has been resolved.  If it is not resolved, in what the Referee considers a reasonable amount of time, the game shall be terminated and the incident reported to the EXTRA Program Director.


  1. Disputes that cannot be settled between the EXTRA Program Director and the involved Regional Commissioners or Regional Commissioner's designee will be resolved by the EXTRA Program Board.


  1. Protests will not receive enthusiastic consideration and are emphatically discouraged as being counter to the spirit of AYSO.

  1. Send-Off’s (Red Cards) and/or Cautions (Yellow Cards) given in EXTRA games are not subject to appeal.
  2. The Referee’s decisions are FINAL, in accordance with the first two (2) paragraphs of Law V of the Laws of the Game.

  1. Only protests that are based upon the technicalities of a game will be accepted and must be submitted in writing to the EXTRA Program Director by the Regional Commissioner of a team filing the protest within 24 hours after the end of the game being protested.

  1. The EXTRA Program Board will be responsible for resolution of all disputes.


  1. The method of point accumulation for the EXTRA Program standings of the divisions is as follows: 
    1. 6 points for a win
    2. 3 point for a tie
    3. 0 points for a loss. 

  1. There are no shut out points. A yellow card will result in a 1 point deduction; a red card will result in a 2 point deduction. Coach dismissals will result in a 4 point ‘standings deduction’.

  1. Tiebreakers will be determined by the following sequence:
    1. Head to head game result 
    2. Goals differential, up to 3 goals per game.
    4. Least goals allowed during the season 
    5. If still tied, Kicks From the Penalty Mark (shoot out).

  1. Forfeits (technical, or otherwise), are scored 1 goal to 0 goals. The team and region may lose their standing for this, and next season; to be determined by the EXTRA Program Board.

  1. Sportsmanship will receive special attention throughout the season. One team from each division who in the opinion of the referees consistently displays the highest sportsmanship during season play will receive individual awards recognizing their exemplary play. The referees will rate the players, coaches, and spectators using a 0-6 scale for each group (with a normal rating of ‘4 points to each group’ for a game well played, coached, and spectated), allowing for up to 18 sportsmanship points per match.


  1. 1st and 2nd place teams in each age division will receive awards.

  1. One exemplary Sportsmanship Award will be in assigned in each division.

  1. Scheduling permitting, an end of season tournament may be held.


  1. Properly completed line-up cards must be presented to the referee prior to the start of the game. These cards will include all registered players regardless of attendance listed NUMERICALLY.

  1. At the end of each EXTRA game, the Home coach will ensure that the Referee completes all of the information on the Line-Up Cards (score, team winner/loser, red and yellow Card infractions, and Sportsmanship Evaluation).

  1. The home coach will provide the center referee with a stamped envelope addressed to the Program statistician to be placed in the mail as soon as possible.

EXTRA Program Statistician address is:

Robert Bierman

P.O. Box 1337

Burlingame, CA 94011

  1. Illegible game cards will not be posted until such time as the volunteer staff has the opportunity to review the Information, and confirm the contents.