About Select and Élite

General Overview of Advanced Play Programs
Players are assessed at tryouts by 3rd party assessors that have no connection to the players.  This helps to ensure fair and impartial assessment and ranking of players for the teams.  Players can participate in tryouts for an opportunity to be selected.  Every player, including returning players, must tryout and be ranked.

Player Selection
Players are evaluated during their play in the prior season and during tryouts. Factors that play a part in player selection include enthusiasm, effort, skill, sportsmanship, game participation, speed, effort, an understanding of the game, attendance and participation in the prior season, positional needs of the team and team chemistry.  Availability for training sessions and a family volunteer commitment also play a role.  Player selection is the responsibility of the appointed head coach, under review of the Program Producer, the RCA, and the RC.  The selection decision is final and can not be appealed. 

Select: Any player who was registered with the AYSO in the previous fall season and who played in at least half the games and attended at least half the training sessions is eligible to try out for a Select team. 
Élite: All players are eligible to tryout for an Élite team, including players from other regions who want to play concurrently.

The Division age is determined as at August 1 of this soccer year, which runs from August 1 to July 31. 

High School Soccer & Other Sports
Spring Select season is designed to dovetail with High School Soccer. If you participate in varsity soccer, you begin to practice with your Select team as soon as High School soccer ends. If there is a conflict with other sports activities it is important to commit to at least 1 practice per week with your Team, in addition to playing all the games.

Club Soccer
Playing club soccer at the same time as playing AYSO is OK, if you commit to make the AYSO tournaments a priority over club soccer games.  Similarly, you are released from regular AYSO games to attend Club tournaments.  If there is a conflict of tournament play in both organizations at the same time, talk to your coach in advance to work out the details of whether you can be released for the club tournament.  The coach may require you to attend the tournament with your AYSO team, and bear in mind that with the smaller rosters your AYSO coach may not have much flexibility.  Attendance at training and regular games must be maintained at a high percentage to stay in the program.
Level of Play
All of the teams that play in the advanced AYSO leagues and tournaments are competitive teams and the level of play is high. Players are in better condition, the game is more physical and players are expected to be committed to improving their fitness and their skills.

Training sessions are held twice a week on days assigned by the Program Producer. Training fields are assigned in January and June. Because there is limited team availability, players must be available on the assigned days.  Some coaches may add additional training time.

Playing Time
Teams operate under Palo Alto AYSO guidelines. All players will play at least 75% of each game.  Coaches will develop good sportsmanship and use positive coaching techniques, in addition to developing soccer skills.  Tournament rules over-ride Palo Alto AYSO policies regarding playing time and substitutions for the specific tournament.