Advanced Play Parent's Informational

Welcome to Palo Alto Spring Select or Fall Élite Program, and congratulations to you and your player for being selected to play with our Advanced Program. On this page is information to help you use the facilities for your schedule, parent assignments and communicating with your team. 

Note that for the advanced programs, the game schedules may be on a different system that is shared between various regions, rather than our local system.

Teams are required to provide personnel to the league and tournaments, detailed below.

Player's Commitment 
Players must make a serious commitment to their Spring Select or Fall Élite team. While some players are involved in other sports, players must prioritize Spring Select and Fall Élite team practices and games over other sports. Coaches will work with players that play high-school soccer to ensure they are qualified and able to attend the needed high-school sessions.

Players must also make a commitment to play in El Palo Alto and Davis tournaments okays one more of the team's choosing, at a minimum, during the spring. 

Parent's Commitment 
Each team is responsible for registering and applying to tournaments. Teams must provide certified referees for league play and for tournaments.  Many tournaments require team-supplied referees or their team will not be accepted to participate.  One parent from each family is required to register as a volunteer and work for a minimum of 2 hours during El Palo Alto Tournament, in the spring.
Coach's Commitment
All Spring Select coaches (this includes assistant coaches) must be registered volunteers and have the age appropriate level of AYSO training. Head coach should be certified at one level higher than division, and assistant coaches should be certified at level. Most Spring Select coaches have several years of coaching experience in the Spring Select Program. Coaches are appointed by the Select Producer,, or Élite Producer,

Team Manager Commitment
Each team needs an official Team Manager to handle the administration of the team information and uniforms.  The Team Manager's job in Spring Select and Fall Élite may require extra hours of work to coordinate the team's activity.
Costs and Finances
Each team pays for its tournament fees, team events and travel costs. The cost per player typically is between $150 and $250 plus the cost of meals and accommodations at tournaments, which are paid directly by the parent. The team may use some of their funds for team activities or team wear, at their own discretion.

Budget Planning
  • $25 for tryout fees - costs for 3rd party assessors, field use, insurance
  • $105 for registration fee
    • fields, goals and nets, equipment, uniforms, insurance, coach and referee clinics, management training, curriculum development, administration costs and support
  • $150 to $250, depending on division
    • extra field use outside of regular season
    • tournament entry
    • team functions and team wear (team discretion)
  • National Games - some teams are going to the National Games and need to budget additional funds for registration

Uniforms are provided by the Palo Alto Region, and are returned to the Region at the end of the season.

All funds are managed by the Palo Alto AYSO, and audits of the team's expenses are performed by the Regional Auditor.  Each team is responsible for planning their finances, and ensuring all funds are deposited with the Regional Treasurer.  Disbursement on behalf of the team is performed by the Regional Treasurer.  Coaches and parents are provided with planning and disclosure reports regarding the funds.

Scholarships are available on a limited basis in accordance with our Region's standard policies.  Scholarships must be applied for and approved before tryouts, but scholarship need is not a factor in selection at the tryouts.  Tryout coaches do not know who has applied for scholarships.  

The Palo Alto AYSO provides banking, funds management, an audit, and transparency through our Treasurer's office.  Be sure to thank our Volunteer Treasurer and Volunteer Auditor for the hard work spent on behalf of your team.