Tournament Registration Guidance

Coaches will select the tournaments for their team to participate in.  Typically, the Team Manager or a designated parent will perform the administrative steps to get the team signed up and registered. 

Get your ID cards and roster at the beginning of the season, do not wait until they are needed.  Other teams may be waiting also, and last minute requests may not be done in time.
Procedure for Tournament Registration 

Each tournament has its own registration process, fees and timing.  There may also be minor rule differences.  Yet, there is much commonality. Tournament registration should be done by the Team Manager, but may be done by a designated, Safe Haven'd parent.  

Common Processes
  • On the tournament web site, read to discover how to get a registration packet.  Sometimes they are mailed to you, sometimes you download them.
  • The tournament application usually needs to be signed by the Regional Commissioner.  You can email a PDF to the, to get the signed copy.
  • Request a check
    • AYSO requires that tournament registration be paid by a regional check only
    • request a regional check using the page in the, Coach Information & Handbook, in the grey box above, then click on the page, Payment Requests for Team
    • only by logging into the team's coach ayso26 account can a request be entered
    • make the check payable to the tournament
    • enter your home address on the request page so that you receive the check and can include it with your application packet OR if you wish to pick the check up just enter the phrase, HOLD CHECK FOR PICKUP
    • there is no shortcut to this procedure, and if you don't do it right the check request may not get processed, jeopardizing your tournament entry
    • you can confirm that it was done correctly by going to your team's, Team Funds page and seeing if the request appears correctly
    • If you need additional players to augment your roster you will need to follow the tournament directions for Guest Players
    • compose your roster completely, with all the information, such as jersey numbers, team name, coaches, assistant coaches and team manager.  If the roster is to be printed from eAYSO or WYS, make sure the team information is complete
    • request a signed roster from the Regional Commissioner,
    • Complete your registration packet and send it, being sure to include your regional check, if it was not send directly to the tournament
    Ad Hoc Processes
    • Guest Players - most tournaments allow you to add players to make a complete roster.  There is a separate Guest Player form that must be filled out and signed by the Regional Commissioners of the player and your team.  A guest player from another Palo Alto team is allowed without a Guest Player form
    • Elite - Our Elite program is a primary program, and our players are authorized to play in secondary programs, such as tournaments.  However, our Elite program may be different from other regions' Elite program, and theirs may not be primary.  Be sure to indicate that your players were in a fall primary program.
    • Coach - the tournaments generally only allow 1 coach and 1 assistant coach.  Additional coaches or assistant coaches may only attend as parent observers.
    • Team Location - tournaments generally require teams on one side of the field and spectators/parents on the other.  Failing to observe this may cost your team sportsmanship points, whether the referee tells you to move your parents or not.
    • Parents - violation of tournament rules by a parent can affect the points for seeding the teams, or even get a team disqualified.
    • KidsZone - tournaments are getting more strict about KidsZone regulations.  Be sure you and your parents know them.  more...
    • Dogs - generally, dogs are not allowed at tournaments, and most cities ban them at soccer fields.  Do not test this.  We do not want the team disqualified.

    Insurance for Non-AYSO Tournaments
    AYSO general insurance covers our teams participating in any AYSO sponsored event, for all registered players and volunteers.  Some tournaments have insurance that covers all teams attending. For teams attending a non-AYSO tournament where the tournament does not have insurance, you may be able to get coverage through permission from the RC and AD.  If the RC and AD both sign the roster for the tournament, it then becomes an AYSO sanctioned event for the purpose of insurance.  Otherwise, separate tournament attendance insurance will need to be obtained.  It is generally not expensive, and some tournaments will even suggest an insurer familiar with their tournament.

    Player Cards

    Most tournaments require player and coach ID cards.  These are laminated cards of a special format that includes a picture of the person, AYSO ID, date of birth of player, date of Safe Haven certification for the coach, certification level of the coach, division, etc.  The cards must be certified by the Regional Commissioner prior to lamination.

    If the tournament requires ID cards, your team and any player that shows up without a card will not be permitted to play.  There are no exceptions to this, don't even ask.  It's just embarrassing to the tournament officials to have to say, no.

    To get player cards, take head/shoulder shots of all your players, the coach and assistant coach with your cell phone, name the picture files with the name of the person, and email them to  Be sure to identify your team's full designation in the email subject line, such as 10G1.

    Allow 10 days for the creation, signature and lamination of the cards.

    You will be emailed when the finished cards are ready for pickup. 

    1. Do not wait to get your ID cards.  Too often, teams wait until they have signed up for a tournament to start the process.  So do some other teams.  They all ask at the same time.  Risky, and a burden.
    2. Each tournament may have slight variations in the rules or procedures for substitutions, paper work, check-in, etc.  Be sure to review the rules for the tournament before applying and attending.
    3. The ID cards must be turned in by the coach during team check-in at each game.  They will be returned to the coach at the end of the game.  Coaches MUST remember to get the ID cards back after each game.  No ID Cards for the next game, no play.  Team Manager can remind coach after each game of this critical step.
    4. If a player or coach has been sanctioned during a game, such as a red card or coach ejection, that ID card will be retained by the referee and given to the tournament officials.  The tournament officials will investigate and determine whether the player or coach can attend games any further in the tournament.
    5. Be sure to take 2 copies of the Player Forms, signed, for each player, to the tournament.  These are your insurance and liability releases.  No forms, no play, no exceptions.
    6. If the tournament is non-AYSO, you must get separate tournament insurance.  AYSO insurance only covers AYSO events.  There is usually a link on the tournament website for the procedure.  Cost is typically $150 for the entire team.  Your team is already insured for all AYSO events, including AYSO tournaments.  Here is an insurance link to help get non-AYSO tournament insurance.