Tournaments & League Play - Élite

Élite Season Venue

The AYSO Extra league is composed of teams from AYSO and clubs from the greater Bay Area.  These teams are governed by the AYSO Extra Rules.  Rosters in Élite have fewer players than in Select.

Standings are not maintained in the Élite season, as teams may join and leave the league at different times.  Some Regions and clubs may not play the entire range of the game season due to other commitments, so they join the game schedule after the season is underway, and others may have to leave the game schedule before the season finishes.

Games are refereed and managed in accordance with AYSO rules.  Some clubs will play by continuous substitution rules, and before each game the coaches and referees should agree on what method is team will follow.  Sometimes, in the same game, the club team plays with continuous substitution, and the AYSO team plays with quarter substitution.

The AYSO team is free to choose either method of substitution, but must ensure that each player gets at least of 3/4 of the game playing time.

Regular Tournaments
The tournaments listed below will include AYSO teams, as AYSO or as a US Club Tournament team, and you register your team as a US Club team just for the tournament.  Pay attention to the insurance requirements of the tournaments.  Some of them may require you to get additional coverage for the team, beyond AYSO coverage.  This is explained in the Tournament Registration Procedure.

Diablo FC Summer Classic - last two weekends in July
AYSO Elite, CYSA Division 3 and US Club Soccer bronze.  Organized by the Diablo FC, the venue is in Concord.

Breakers Cup
- end of July
Hosted by the Santa Cruz Breakers Club, flights are run in Bronze, Gold, and Silver for both boys and Girls.

Hosted by the Dublin United Soccer League, AYSO teams welcome.  

Soccer By the Bay - August 2nd and 3rd weekends
This tournament is reputed to be the largest independent youth soccer tournament in Northern California.  It runs over two weekends and separates the teams into flights by their competitiveness.  Four flights are accommodated: Bronze, Copper, Silver and Gold.  Teams from CYSA, CCSL, USYSF, USClub, AYSO, NorCal Premier are accepted.  The two weekends are divided with Bronze/Copper (new & developing teams, strong recreational teams) playing in one weekend and Silver/Gold (strong competitive teams) in the other.  Venue is played in Millbrae and Burlingame.

Oldest tournament in the Bay Area.  Games are played in Redwood City and surrounds.  3-day tournament, Gold, Silver and upper Bronze flights.

Coast Cup Tournament
, late August - Pacifica United
The tournament features Copper and Bronze flights for U12B, and Bronze and Silver flights for U14B, U12G, U14G, U16G and U19G.
Glens Golden Gate
, Labor Day Weekend - San Francisco
Open to all Elite teams and divided into two levels of play, Copper-Bronze for recreational and Silver-Gold for competitive teams.  Our Elite teams fall into both categories depending on their level of play.

Breakers Halloween Cup - Breakers Santa Cruz
U9-U11 brackets in Bronze/Copper and Silver/Gold flights.

Halloween Classic
  is played in Morgan Hill.  A great fun tournament.  This themed tournament has special awards for pumpkin carving, team costumes and coach costumes.  Great fun to see the other teams' costumes.

Turkey Tournament
 is in San Bruno, on Thanksgiving weekend.  This is a fun tournament with a great theme.

Cal North U9-U11 State Cup and Founders Cup in Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex featuring 25, 8v8 fields on first full weekend in December for preliminary rounds and the next weekend for single elimination round games.  Applications must be in by Nov 1.
  1. State Cup Division - Rec or Competitive teams at Silver or higher
  2. Association Cup - entry level to mid-level teams
  3. Founder's Cup - recreational teams only

AYSO National Games 
The Games are held on even-numbered years.  The AYSO National Games brings together teams from all over the United States to share in the diverse soccer culture of the AYSO family.  The games focus on competition, sportsmanship, team spirit and making new friends through the activities and events that are offered during this weeklong event in July.  Palo Alto Élite teams play in the AYSO Extra track of the National Games.  You can read here about the AYSO National Games
4x4 Tournaments - Typical format
Cost: $150
Single-Day Tournament
Four players on the field per team, no goalkeepers
Max of seven (7) players per roster

In early June, this 4x4 event is open to all teams and is a fun-oriented event.

- June 22, East Palo Alto
- August 10, Hayward

San Jose - late June
Monterey - Early August
Recreational tournament open to all teams.

Early August
To promote, celebrate, and share the game of soccer with the global community of the San Jose Valley within a healthy family environment of goodwill, food, music and soccer in San Jose.  Family teams are welcome with players and parents.  Free 4x4 contests.