Tryouts are Your Way 
to Get Invited 
to an Advanced Team
with More Rigorous Training, 
Competition and FUN

Players Must Tryout Each Season 
for Spring Select and Fall Elite

All tryout events are listed in the Regional Calendar. 

EACH DIVISION HAS TWO SCHEDULED TRYOUTS, and we will try hard to assess players separately,
who, for strong legitimate reasons, cannot attend the scheduled tryouts. 

IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO ATTEND BOTH TRYOUTS, it shows your interest and gives you an extra chance to show your talents.  Your best evaluation scoring will be used from the two days, for each skill.  Some players may be out of town at a tournament, or playing a scheduled game during one of the tryouts.   Simply attend the other tryout.  If the player cannot attend either tryout, notate that in the comment field while registering for the tryouts, and we will figure out an accommodation.

WHY TRYOUTS EVERY SEASON?  We form new teams every season, ensuring the greatest fairness and merit-based access to advanced instruction and play for our Palo Alto AYSO players.   

  1. Parent signs-up player for tryouts using the online form below
  2. Parent brings medical waiver forms to tryout
  3. Player attends tryouts for assessment
  4. Coaches propose a roster to Palo Alto AYSO management
    • based on tryout assessment by 3rd party officials
    • their knowledge of the players
  5. Regional officials review the proposed roster to ensure policy compliance and merit selection
  6. Coaches invite the players to join the team by emailing the parents
  7. Parents respond within 48 hours to accept by registering their player, including fee payment
  8. If invited player is not registered within 48 hours, the slot will go to the next eligible player
  9. Once the roster has been filled with accepting players, all parents will be notified that the roster is closed, no later than 14 days after the last tryouts.

Tryouts can be great fun.  Your player will meet other players, practice their skills, show their endurance and their enthusiasm for the sport.  Tryouts are intended to exercise their skills and game sense, and measure their readiness to play in a more competitive venue, including tournaments.  Their enthusiasm and team spirit will count for a lot. 

And always in the spirit of AYSO,
 your player's fun and time on the field is our priority.  

At tryouts, coaches will set up different drills at stations.  For example, there might be a dribbling course, a shooting gallery, little mini-games of 1v1 or 3v3, and of course, a scrimmage.  Your player will be rotated through different stations and asked to take a turn at all of them.  In this way the coaches and trainers can see your player's various skills.  And remember, enthusiasm, attitude and endurance counts big.  Encourage your player to try hard and stay at it.  Enthusiasm and effort, and coachability, are big factors.

Attend the Tryouts
Bring your signed player form that includes your medical release form, or print the attached blank form at the bottom of this page, and fill it out.  If your player is registered with Palo Alto AYSO, you can get an already completed player form by logging in using the tab, Login, at the top of this page, and clicking the Registration Status under the Parent tab.  Then, click the grey oval button, "Print Registration Packet". 

Acceptance to a Team
Rosters will be proposed and reviewed after the second tryouts.  If your player is invited to a team by email from the coach, you will have 48 hours to confirm by completing your fee payment and volunteering for a task in the Program. Instructions for this will be included in the invitation.

Additional Fees
Additional Fees may be collected for the team to attend tournaments, special field costs and other activities the team chooses. Unused team funds will be returned at the end of the season. 

Players - Tryout Day
show up 20 minutes early to sign in and warm up
get your 100 touches before the scheduled start of the tryout
  • Bring a signed copy of your Registration/Medical form
  • Be equipped in Shin Guards, Cleats and have water
  • No soccer jerseys or uniforms are permitted at tryouts
  • Be ready to show your enthusiasm, skills, team cooperation and sportsmanship

AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
May 6, 2014, 11:14 PM