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Special week-long camps for skill improvement and fun. 

Open Registration for All Players.

$20 additional registration fee for players 
not registered in AYSO for any 2014-2015 program.

Camps are half-day or full-day instruction from professional trainers, and a session usually runs 5 days.  Our Coach Mentors from US Soccer Coaching run the camp with a special skill focus each day, advancing a curriculum through the week.  

Includes scrimmaging and game instruction in a small group setting, and additional fun activities for the younger kids.

Drop your kids off 10 minutes early and please, be on time to pick them up.

2014 Winter Camp:  December 22-23 and December 29 to January 2, 2015
2014 Spring Break Camp:  April 6 to April 10

Offered in partnership with US Soccer Coaching

Players are trained by professional soccer trainers according to their age and the AYSO curriculum.  The older children are trained in key areas of the game, and then coached to implement skills in small scrimmage sessions. Players advance their skills and prepare for the upcoming Soccer seasons.

Instruction in a small group setting.
Our hand-picked instructors are local trainers from the Bay Area.  In addition to outstanding credentials as coaches, all are CPR and first-aid trained, and AYSO Safe Haven certified.  US Soccer Coaching provides Coach Mentoring during our Spring and Fall Primary Programs.  This is an opportunity to get direct coaching from our Coach Mentors in a small group setting.

Soccer Instruction Tailored to Children
Key technical skills are taught to players to play the game, and then during each day small teams will be formed to instruct in the tactics of the game.  Each day has a theme; dribbling, passing, shooting, control and skills of using your body.  Team play and activities will get more advanced toward a scrimmage.  For the younger players we include fun play-time themes.

Instruction at each age matches the Palo Alto AYSO learning program.

Soccer Uniforms
Soccer uniforms are not permitted at camp.  Campers should wear clothing appropriate to training or practice.  Campers must have shin guards and socks that cover the shin guards.

Extended Hours Camp
The Extended Hours provide supervised socializing and light instruction and practice drills.  These extended hours are to accommodate parents with work or other commitments.  The Extended Hours Camp includes the Full Day Camp.

Peers Park

Early Winter Camp - Dec 22-23
 Ages Time Slot FeeCamp Name
 7-14 8:00 - 5:00 $85Extended Day 
 7-14 9:00 - 4:00 $80Full Day Camp 
 5-14 9:00 - 12:00 $50Half Day Morning
 5-14 1:00-4:00 $50 Half Day Afternoon
 4-6 9:00-10:30 $30Mini Day Morning
 4-6 1:30-3:00 $30 Mini Day Afternoon

Winter Camp - Dec 29 to Jan 2
 Ages  Time Slot  Fee Camp Name
 7-14  8:00 - 5:00  $200 Extended Day 
 7-14  9:00 - 4:00  $180 Full Day Camp 
 5-14  9:00 - 12:00  $120 Half Day Morning 
 5-15 1:00-4:00 $120 Half Day Afternoon
 4-6  9:00-10:30  $75 Mini Day Morning
 4-6 1:30-3:00 $30 Mini Day Afternoon

Spring Break Camp - Apr 6 to Apr 10
 Ages Time Slot FeeCamp Name
 7-14 8:00 - 5:00 $200Extended Day 
 7-14 9:00 - 4:00 $180Full Day Camp 
 5-14 9:00 - 12:00 $120Half Day Morning 
 5-15 1:00-4:00 $120 Half Day Afternoon
 4-6 9:00-10:30 $75Mini Day Morning
 4-6 1:30-3:00 $30 Mini Day Afternoon

Camp Day - What to Bring
  • Medical Release
    • Fill out and sign the first time you drop off children, do not leave until you have completed the release and given it to the trainer
  • Your AYSO training soccer ball, or other soccer ball
  • Soccer Cleats/Shoes
  • T-shirt, Shorts
  • Shin Guards and Socks completely covering the shin guards
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch and snack(s)

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