General Information
for Parents and Players

We wish for our players and parents to have lots of fun at the Tournament. It is a time for competitiveness, but amongst our AYSO friends. We have a great reputation for fun competition. It is a legacy we want to build on and promote.  The Tournament Director will manage the day's activities, keep track of points earned during the day, and resolve any issues.  The Tournament Director's decision is final on all matters.

Game and Field Assignments

The games in the pool play are online.  The Online Scoreboards are linked from the lower right of the Tournament Page.

Game Check-In

Check-in by each team is done by the Field Marshal at each field, including the safety check.  The Field Marshal shall be wearing an easily identifiable pinnie.  For check-in, the coach must present the ID cards to the Field Marshal.  The Field Marshal will match the ID cards to the players, inspect the players' equipment, and give the Game Card to the coach for presentation to the game referee.  All players must be assembled at least 20 minutes prior to their game for check-in by the Field Marshal.

Tournament Format

The Tournament is two days with eight teams in each of the divisions from Section 2 participating.  The Tournament will consist of pool play on Saturday, all day, and Sunday morning, leading to a championship round on Sunday afternoon.  The teams will be divided into two pools and the teams distributed to give early morning games to local teams and then to provide the widest variety of team match-ups inter-regionally.  The top two finishers in each pool will advance to the Championship Round. All four championship teams will receive Tournament Medals.


Game Format

The first game starts at 8 am.  Each game must start promptly on time and end on time, and the team needs to clear off the field quickly to make way for the next game.  Each team will play 3 games, leading up to the final championship round. 

Boys & Girls
 Pool Play Game
Game Length
Format  Roster Size Limit  Substitution Method
 U10  40  50 7 v 7  10 Qtr
 U12  50  60 9 v 9  12 Qtr
 U14  60  70 11 v 11  15 Qtr
 U16  70  80 11 v 11 18 Free
 90 11 v 11

Substitutions in U10 to U14 may be made half way through each period.  Players not being substituted stay on the field to resume play promptly.  Coaches need to have their substitutions ready to go, and not dally.  

Substitutions in U16 is done by the monitored substitution according to the AYSO Experimental Program for U16/U19 Play. Playing time for each player will be recorded on a time monitoring form by a Tournament Official.  Substitutions will be allowed at a stoppage of play as allowed by the referee.

A game may not go over its allotted time period.  The games are coordinated between many different fields, and must be kept to the same schedule.  Referees are asked to ensure games start on time and end within their time slot.  If a game is ending with less than 5 minutes to the next game start, the teams should leave the field immediately, and conduct their cheer and handshake off the field, permitting the next game to commence.

Policies of AYSO apply to the games, including the requirement that each player must play at least one half of each game.

Sportsmanship Points
Sportsmanship will be tracked by the referee on the Game Cards.  Sportsmanship points will be accumulated throughout the Tournament, and posted on the online scoreboards.  There are multiple categories of scoring and a write-in category for the referee.  Categories are scored from 1 to 5 as follows:
  1. very poor sportsmanship
  2. poor sportsmanship
  3. average sportsmanship
  4. good sportsmanship
  5. excellent sportsmanship
The categories for scoring:
  • General Demeanor of Team
    • attitude toward referee
    • attitude toward opponent
    • language on the field
    • unnecessary roughness on the field
  • Coach
    • moderate player instruction during the game
    • language
    • attitude toward referee
    • observed touch-line distance of 1 yard
  • Spectators
    • observed touch-line distance of 2 yards
    • positive encouragement
    • no coaching, especially to the player with ball
  • 1 point for each
    • player's shirts tucked in during match
    • player's socks all matched exactly
    • crisp substitution execution at center field with pinnies
    • coach wears coach jersey or soccer outfit

Coach and Referee Information

Read the General Information to the left, first.

Referee Information

Referee Game Slot Sign Up Procedure - click here

Referee Field Assignments
Field assignments for each game are online at this page. Throughout the day, the game results will be posted at the Online Tournament Score Sheet, linked in the box at the lower right of this page.  The Field Marshal will report game results to the scorekeeper.

Referee Check-In & Game Cards

Referees must check in at least 20 minutes prior to their first game assignment by leaving a message at +1 (650) 735-1493, when they reach their assigned field.  For each game, the coach will supply a game card initialed by the Field Marshal, attesting the team has already been safety checked and the roster confirmed. At the end of each game, the referee gives the game card to the Field Marshal.

Sportsmanship Points

The back of the Game Card has checkboxes for sportsmanship points, as well as a general commentary area.  Points for each category are in the range of Very Poor (1) to Excellent (5).


Games must start on time, no exceptions, please.  If the prior team has not left the field 5 minutes before game start time, ask them to move off the field, even if they still have a team cheer and congratulations to do.  That can be done off-field.

Referee Refreshment and Equipment

The Field Marshal station at each field will have coffee, bagels, snacks, lunch and cold drinks for your enjoyment.  There is also a variety of equipment including flags, whistles, and lanyards.  Take what you need with our compliments.

Coach Information

Tournament Check-In

Tournament check-in is done by the Field Marshal at your first field of play.  Arrive 40 minutes before your first game with your Player ID, Coach ID and Player Release Forms from eAYSO or equivalent.  The cards will be compared to the Tournament Roster and the Player forms will be checked.  The Field Marshal will stamp the approved ID cards, good for the rest of the Tournament.  Your team does not need to be present for the Tournament Check-In.

Game Check-In and ID Cards

Teams must assemble for the Field Marshal at least 20 minutes prior to their game.   Each team must bring their ID cards, already approved for Tournament play.   The ID cards will be kept by the Field Marshal until after the game card has been returned, and there are no send-offs.  For any player or coach sent off, the corresponding card will be retained by the Field Marshal and not returned.  Tournament officials will then follow up with you regarding the send-off issue.

Late Check-In

If a player comes late, the Coach or a designated parent must bring the player to the Field Marshal at any field where the team plays a game, to get the additional player checked in.  A late player may not join a game already in progress.

Warm Up and Game Time

Each team must assemble 15 minutes prior to their game in an area near the game field and warm up for the game.  The team  may enter the field as soon as the prior teams leave the field.  Be sure everyone is on the the field to start their game right at the game start time.  Clear off the field and away from the touch lines as soon as your game is over to make way for the next game.  If your game is pushing the limit on your field game slot, please clear the field and perform your team cheer and congratulations to the other team, off to the side of the field. 

Team Rankings from Pool Play

Points are awarded according to the following schedule:

  • 6 points for a win
  • 3 points for a tie
  • 1 point for each goal (3 maximum per game)
  • 1 point for a shutout (0-0 score is a shutout for both)
  • 0 points for a loss
  • -2 points for each red card or coach ejection
  • a forfeit is scored as 1-0 win
If there are two teams tied in points and it is necessary to decide rank, the following rules will apply in the listed order until one team is ranked higher:
  1. head to head, winner advances
  2. else, the team with the most number of wins advances
  3. else, goal differential (max 3 goals from each game counted), highest count advances
  4. else, fewest goals allowed, advances
  5. else, best sportsmanship ranking
  6. else, a coin is tossed by the Tournament Director. (At Tournament Director's discretion, Kicks from the Penalty Mark may be the last tie breaker)
Championship Round on Sunday
The Championship Round is played on Sunday afternoon.  The winners of each pool will play final for the 1st place, the runner-up from each pool will play for 3rd place.  Tie games will go into overtime of two 5-minute halves.  If still tied, then PKs until tie is broken.