AYSO El Palo Alto 

Keeper Wars  

U10 and U12
Keeper Wars

On Saturday during the lunch break, the Tournament hosts Keeper Wars, an exciting and fast paced competition.  Each team may nominate 2 players.  The team person with the Player ID cards at the Tournament Registration nominates the players. The Keeper Wars will be conducted on the regular field of play.

There is no fee for participation.  

Keeper Wars Overview
  • 1-on-1 single elimination bracket format.
  • Prizes to the top contestants in each group.
  • Complete rules are in the Tournament Program.
  • Two opposing goal keepers attempt to score on each other in a two-minute match. The first player to score three goals, or the highest score at the end of two minutes, wins the match. If there is a tie at the end of two minutes, the match will continue until one player scores.
  • The ball may be thrown, punted, drop kicked, kicked, punched, headed or otherwise propelled.
  • No reaching across the line to retrieve the ball