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Complimentary refreshments, including
coffee and pastries in the morning,
drinks throughout the day, and lunch at noon,
will be available at the Field Marshal canopy
at each field for uniformed referees.

PROCEDURE to Sign Up for Games

Without volunteer referees we would not be able to have a tournament!  Thank you to ALL referees who participate.
  • Referee Scheduling is done by you
  • Request access to the self-assign page using the form to the right
  • Carefully, write your name into the slots you volunteer for
  • You may delete your name from a slot up until 48 hours before the tournament
  • All assignments are visible in name sorted order using the link at the top of this page
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks for referees will be provided at each of the field sites, at the Field Marshal canopy
  • See the Tournament Rules page for a copy of the rules
  • For U16/U19 games a volunteer from each team shall record the opposing team's substitutions
  • Field information is available here

RULES Governing Referee Participation
  1. All referees must be eAYSO registered, trained to the correct level for the division being officiated, and Safe Haven certified
  2. Referees may not referee a game in which a team from their home AYSO Region is playing
  3. Referee coaches may not referee in a division in which their team is competing
  4. Youth referees may not referee a game in their own division
  5. Only the diagonal system of control will be used
  6. Center Referee Badge for 
    • U19 games must be National
    • U16 games must be Advanced or National
    • U14 games must be Intermediate or above
    • U10 and U12 games must be Regional or above
  7. Assistant Referee Badge for
    • U19/U16/U14 must be Intermediate or above
    • U10/U12 must be Regional or above
  8. Youth referees (center referees) must be at least 2 years older than the division they officiate
  9. All referees must be in full uniform as defined by AYSO and USSF, including the Referee Badge. Referees not in full uniform will not be permitted to referee
  10. All referees are expected to check in at the Field Marshal Station at least 20 minutes prior to their assigned game. Failure to appear on time may result in a replacement referee being assigned to the game.
  11. Referees will be expected to uphold the Tournament Rules, AYSO Rules and Regulations, and FIFA Laws of the Game. Any failure of the referee to uphold these rules may be cause for dismissal from the Tournament