AYSO El Palo Alto 


Registration Procedure
Pre-register using the form to the right, and then click the link it shows after submission to download the registration kit.  Be sure to use the SUBMIT at the bottom of the form to record your pre-registation, and then you will receive the registration packet instructions.  Your priority is set to the date/time of hitting the SUBMIT button, providing you finish your application within 10 days.  Otherwise, your priority will be set to when you complete your application.

The deadline to enter the Tournament is March 15th. 

  1. Pre-register your team with the form on the right.
  2. Download registration materials.
  3. Complete the registration materials.
  4. Mail the check, referee form, roster and registration.  Remember the check must be issued by your AYSO region.  No personal checks can be accepted.
Registration priority is based on the order in which you pre-register with the form to the right, online, 
  • providing your complete package is received within 10 days of your online pre-registration
  • your registration package is complete
  • you are including at least two referees
  • and the Tournament Director's discretion
Do not send your registration packet by an express delivery service.  This will delay when it is received.  

When your completed registration package is received confirmation will be seen in the Registration Status page.

Please note that eAYSO will be used to confirm the certification status of your referees.  A referee can only be included in one registration packet – sharing of referees between teams is not permitted. 

Contact the Tournament Director at elpaloalto@ayso26.org if you have any questions.