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U16/U19 Substitution Procedure

Coach must fill out the entry form tab on the time monitor sheet with the appropriate team name, coaches, and players. This will populate the time record tab. Print out several copies, but at least four, and bring them with you to each game to present to the field marshals at check-in. Read and understand the guidelines presented below.

The Timesheet is attached.  Download it and enter the information into the first page before printing.
Process Change for Player Substitution
- A team may substitute on any goal kick, any kick-off, or own throw-in.
- Substitutes must be at the touchline near the halfway line prior to their team’s substitution opportunity, wearing a pinnie.
- Assistant Referees are to indicate when a substitution is being requested.

Time Monitoring
The Field Marshal will monitor and record the playing time of both team’s players during the match.  Every 5 minutes the Field Marshal records the player’s that are out.  All players must play half of the game if they are present.  Keep in mind that it may be difficult to get players into the game in a timely manner so do not cut minimal playing time too close. 

The Field Marshal must meet with the Referee Team before the match for the pregame conference to review procedures and resolve any questions.
After the match, the Field Marshal must turn over the timesheet to the Referee. The Referee reviews the time monitor records for completeness and returns them to the Field Marshal along with the game card.

Filling out Time Records / Lineup Cards
In each column (time interval) and each row (team roster member), there is a blank. This blank should be filled at the start of that time interval as follows:
A – If team member is absent and not present at or near the field
X – If team member is in the touch area/technical area (off the field), available and awaiting assignment as an active player on the field (Normally termed a Substitute).
I – If team member is in the touch area (off the field) but not able to play due to injury, sickness, exhaustion or similar reason preventing them from being a player on the field.
Leave Blank – If team member is an active player who is playing on the field
For the time record, a line can be drawn from the previous column to indicate ditto or carry forward of same status from an earlier column. This should NOT be done if the previous status is blank and thus indicating they are playing. So A------A, I------I, and X------X can be utilized across and up to a whole half.
If a player’s status of absent or injured at the start of the match is expected to remain the same for the whole match, writing ABS or INJ next to the name is sufficient. If the player’s status changes during the match, the first and subsequent columns where they were absent or injured should be marked accordingly. Otherwise, the whole row can be left blank and totaled according to the notation next to the name at the end of the match.
Stoppage time (the few minutes a referee may add to the running clock time to account for non-playing stoppages in play during the half) are not recorded in the time record. These periods of time are not expected to last more than five minutes and thus are not material to the record.

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