Important Registration Information

Please read this entire page.  

We have thousands of families to serve,all by volunteers.  When you need help, 
help us by using our FAQ on the Parent's Guide tab above, 
and the search box at the top of every page, 
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After that, if you still don't find what you need, email to

You will begin to receive emails a few weeks before the season begins with instructions on preparation for the season.

Kicker Program - U4
Teams are not formed in the kicker program.  All participants play jamboree style.  No uniform or jersey.  More information is available at A parent must register as a volunteer, watch the 20 minute Safe Haven webinar, and remain with their child during the session on Saturday.

Kinder Program - U5 & U6
Kinder teams are issued a reversible jersey, to be returned at the end of the season.  All children must have their own socks, shin guards and shoes. More information is at  A parent must register as a volunteer, watch the 20 minute Safe Haven webinar,  and remain with their child during the one hour session on Saturday.

I Want to Be on A Specific Team.. 
No requests for a specific team, coach, or practice/game field is promised, however, we will try to accommodate requests entered into the sibling field during registration.  Think of siblings as requested friends.  ;-)

Uniforms: Pickup/Return to Team Manager
High quality, regulation uniforms are loaned to every player, u8 through u19.  Uniforms must be returned at the end of the season, within 7 days of your last game, to your Team Manager.  The uniforms must be kept with the team kit, please do not return your uniform with a different team, or directly to the locker.  They must be returned in good condition and laundered.  Keep the socks for next season, they will easily last several seasons. Return both jerseys and shorts.  Lost, stained or damaged uniforms (not from soccer use) will be charged to you for replacement.  Please, help us keep our costs and fees low.  Damaged Uniform Payment

At the Field on Game Day
Spectators shouting directions such as "Pass the ball", "Shoot", "Watch out" are strongly discouraged.   Cheerleading, positive encouragement and acknowledgment, such as "Go Vipers", "Nice Pass", or "Nice Try", are strongly encouraged.  Coaches are discouraged from giving instructions to the players "on the ball", or generally on the pitch.  The best coaching is done quietly at the side of the field.  More about Soccer Culture can be found here. Smile and enjoy the game!
Team Volunteer Requirements
Each team requires a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager and 2 Referees, at a minimum.  Please volunteer for one of these positions to ensure we are able to form teams for all the children to play.  If these are not a good fit, we have many possibilities here.

Volunteer Needs
AYSO is a certified Community Service Organization (CSO), registered Public Charity, an all-volunteer program, and of course, is also a non-profit.
There are tasks, small and large, one-time and ongoing, to fit every schedule and family situation. Volunteering is not required for your children to play, except for the Kicker and Kinder parent requirement mentioned in the left column of this page.  However, our mission as a Community Service Organization flourishes with your participation, and we encourage your volunteering activity.

When you register your children you will see a list of currently open volunteer opportunities.  As we proceed through the season, more will be posted.  Please, reserve one of these tasks for yourself.  If at anytime you determine that you can not follow through with a task that you signed up for, notify right away, so that we may re-open the task to other volunteers.

Parent volunteers make this phenomenal organization work.  Coaching and refereeing puts you on the field with your children, and their friends.  

What better quality time is there?