Registration Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

REQUIRED:    Please, read this page carefully !

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I will return my players' uniform in good condition, and within 7 days of my players' last game, to my Team Manager.  If lost or stained by food, I will make a payment to replace the components using this form

Priority of Team Assignment
In the event that a division does not have enough coaches to form teams to cover all the players who registered, players will be appointed to a team according to priority points, and date of registration (the date when fees were paid).  The priority points are awarded as follows, by family:
  • 4 points: volunteering to coach or ref
  • 2 points: volunteering to assistant coach 
  • 2 points: regional volunteer
  • 1 point: registering during early registration period
  • then by date of registration
Volunteer positions listed during player registration qualify for two points. 

Fees for Fall & Spring Instructional Program
  • $105 if registered during the early registration period
  • $170 if registered after early registration closes
Scholarships:  Scholarships are available for families who need help with the fees. We close scholarship requests application period when registration is closed. We encourage families who apply for a scholarship to finalize the process during the early registration period.

Registration is complete ONLY after we received a payment. Until then your player will not be placed on a team. Pre-registered status indicates your intentions and is not a completed process.
If you pre-registered and need to make a payment, you can pay your fees here.

You can put a friend request, on your child's record under 'siblings on same team' field. We are doing our best to honor these requests as long as they are done before we close registration. We DO NOT accept any coach requests.

After registration is closed, players are waitlisted and then placed on teams based on availability.

In case you need to cancel registration, we encourage you to review our refund policy.

Beyond Registration
Team placement is done by the relevant division commissioner. You can find their contact under 'directory of volunteers' on our home page.
eMail and Other Information          PRIVACY
While logged in, I will be given access to email addresses for my team and volunteers.  These email addresses are private to the individuals.  I agree to not disclose them to third parties, nor use them for any non-AYSO purpose.  I will not copy them out of the system.  I will not forward non-AYSO related information using them.  I acknowledge that doing so may harm AYSO and the individuals participating in AYSO.  I acknowledge that my private information entered into Palo Alto AYSO systems is not published on the web and is secure, available only to my team and selected volunteers.  I will keep my phone number, emergency contact, address and email addresses up to date.  

Utility Account Number
The City of Palo Alto requires organizations that use fields to collect utility account numbers, regardless of city of residency.  Palo Alto residents on Stanford campus enter "Stanford" and apartment residents enter the apartment's name.  I will provide my utility account number during registration, or soon afterward.

Registration Terms and Conditions

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