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Registration Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

REQUIRED:    Please, read this page carefully !

You need to know this information.  If you have a question, please email

I will return my players' uniform in good condition, and within 7 days of my players' last game, to my Team Manager.  If lost or stained by food, I will make a payment to replace the components using this form

Priority of Team Assignment
In the event that a division does not have enough coaches to form teams to cover all the players who registered, players will be appointed to a team according to priority points, and date of registration (the date when fees were paid).  The priority points are awarded as follows, by family:
  • 4 points: volunteering to coach or ref
  • 2 points: volunteering to assistant coach 
  • 2 points: regional volunteer
  • 1 point: registering during early registration period
  • then by date of registration
Volunteer positions listed during player registration qualify for two points. 

Fees for Fall & Spring Instructional Program
  • $85 for U3/U4 Kicker Divisions
  • $75 for U5/U6 Kinder Divisions
  • $105 for U7-U19 Instructional Divisions
    • if registered during the early registration period
    • $170 if registered after early registration closes
Scholarships:  Scholarships are available for families who need help with the fees.  See our Scholarship Policy. 

Pre-Registration vs Registration
A player is only pre-registered until the fee is paid.  Early registration, including the discount and early team placement requires full registration, not just pre-registration.

  1. Once a player attends a practice or game, no refund may be given.
  2. Any drop requested more than 5 days after the program start cannot be refunded.
  3. If a player is dropped by parent request, a $25 administration fee may be deducted from the refund.  The reason for the drop request may be reviewed.
  4. If a player is dropped due to our inability to place the player on a team, the registration fee will be refunded in full.
  5. eMail the Division Commissioner to request a drop, or the
eMail and Other Information          PRIVACY
While logged in, I will be given access to email addresses for my team and volunteers.  These email addresses are private to the individuals.  I agree to not disclose them to third parties, nor use them for any non-AYSO purpose.  I will not copy them out of the system.  I will not forward non-AYSO related information using them.  I acknowledge that doing so may harm AYSO and the individuals participating in AYSO.  I acknowledge that my private information entered into Palo Alto AYSO system is not published on the web and is secure, available only to my team and selected volunteers.  I will keep my phone number, emergency contact, address and email addresses up to date.  

Utility Account Number
The City of Palo Alto requires field-brokered parties, including Palo Alto AYSO, to collect utility account numbers, regardless of city of residency.  Stanford residents enter "Stanford" and apartment residents enter the apartment's name.  I understand that if my information is incorrect and the city audits Palo Alto AYSO, that soccer field privileges may by compromised for Palo Alto AYSO.  I will enter my utility information either during registration, or soon after registration.

Registration Terms and Conditions

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