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Registration Procedure

Step One: Pick a Program

Recreational Soccer

We offer Recreational/Instructional soccer aimed at fun and player development, with teams segregated by age.  We list the ages as Ux, for Under-X years old.  So U4, our Kicker program, is for players under 4 years old (and over 18 months), and U5 is for under 5 years old.  Both are coed.  Starting with U6, teams are segregated by gender as well.  We have more info on U5 & U6 -- our Kinder program, here.  We offer U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19 for both boys and girls.  More info on U8-U19 here.

Competitive Soccer

In the Fall, we call it Elite; in Spring, we call it Select.  We offer it from U10 on up.  These teams are by tryout only -- tryouts are several months in advance of the season.  More info here.

Competitive soccer will have additional fees to pay for tournaments.


VIP is for children - and adults - whose disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams. More info here.

Step Two: Blue Sombrero

Blue Sombrero is the online system we use to administer the region.  You’ll enter player and parent’s information, and be asked for residency info (see below).  We communicate primarily thru email, so please put in an account that you will be monitoring.

Step Three: Volunteer

AYSO is 100% volunteer run -- over 100,000 volunteers worldwide, from the president to the people who train the trainers, to the coaches and referees, all the way down to the people who line the fields.  None of it is very difficult, and AYSO has been training people to run soccer leagues for over 50 years now -- we’re pretty good at it.  All it takes is a little of your time.  

Our biggest needs are always coaches -- we can never have too many coaches, and we’ll teach you all you’ll need to know, even if you know nothing about soccer..  Please consider volunteering in any fashion.

Step Four: Pay

  • Your player will not be placed onto a team until you pay.  Why?

  • We offer a nice discount for paying early.

  • We offer scholarships for those who cannot afford to play.  Info here.

  • Please see our refund policy

  • Did we mention that your player is only placed after you pay?  Step two above does not count.  Your player does not appear for placement in our software until you pay.  Until then, your player is in limbo, invisible to our volunteers. Payment is your responsibility.

  • How can you tell if your player is registered?  Log into Blue Sombrero and click on your child's name.

Step Five: We Form Teams

While players are registering, our division commissioners (also volunteers) form teams around the coach volunteers.  More info here.

Can I pick a team or a coach?  In short, no, we can’t make any guarantees, so please don’t count on it.  Why?

Step Six: Meet the Team

When we have your player’s division settled, we’ll announce it to you by email.  Login to Blue Sombrero, and, for each child, you can see their team.


Meanwhile, the coach should reach out to you and announce the first team meeting

We will provide uniforms and balls and all equipment.

Game Schedules

After the teams are set, we dive into creating the game schedules, first securing fields from the city, then creating the schedules.  This is more complex than it seems: there are field blackout dates we have to work around (e.g. for other sports and tournaments), and, if your division is playing outside the city, other regions to cooperate with (and other cities to negotiate with).  We are parents like you and are anxious to settle schedules, but please be patient.  

At The Field

At AYSO, we are nice.  All participants are nice to the volunteer coaches, nice to the volunteer referees, and, most of all, nice to the players.  No, they really don’t want you yelling at them from the sidelines; please let them learn the game by doing.  Please read more about our soccer culture here, and watch this.

Why do we ask for Residency Info?

There are 5 soccer leagues in Palo Alto, all competing for field access.  The city apportions fields according to the number of residents playing in the league.

Ready?  Go here to start registration.