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Next Steps
We are always gated by coach recruitment -- once we have sufficient coach volunteers, forming teams can go quickly, so please consider volunteering to coach.  Your children will grow up quickly; this time shared with them is precious. Contact our regional coach administrator or volunteer coordinator to sign up.  AYSO has been training parents to coach soccer for over 50 years now (over 45 in Palo Alto) -- we're quite good at it.  If you aren't up for coaching, we always have other tasks that need doing -- it takes quite a lot of work to pull off a soccer season.

Once we have coaches all lined up, we'll form teams, starting with players in their own neighborhood, but moving them around to match their schedules with those of the coaches (flexibility helps!).  You can check your child's status by logging into Web Youth Soccer at and click on the Parent menu.  While you are there, click on the Registration Status menu, then the Print Registration Packet button and make 3 copies of the registration forms and sign all 3 to bring to your first practice. 

All players will need footwear (cleats preferred, but sneakers are OK), shin guards, socks over shin guards, and a water bottle (mark your child's name on it and jackets -- we collect quite a few).  Your children grow fast, so check the size of their shin guards -- it may be time to buy a new pair.  We have a cleat exchange before every season.

Pre-season suggestions -- get a ball and have your player practice juggling and all sorts of ball touches.  Ball control is part of the magic of a satisfying season.  Please update the practice availability under Parent menu > Player info in Web Youth Soccer as your player's schedule changes. Volunteers spend time placing players based on reported practice availability that is entered at registration.

See the home page for schedules -- these are announced after team formation.