Palo Alto AYSO and PSV Union Partnership


PSV Union FC is the premier, advanced, soccer development club in the Palo Alto area.  
Palo Alto AYSO and PSV have partnered to give the players of Palo Alto a complete range of play and training options. PSV and Palo Alto AYSO are independent organizations that work together to better service the Palo Alto soccer community.

PSV is focused on developing players for college play.  This requires the most demanding training, and a play venue that encompasses the nation.  Palo Alto AYSO provides programs from recreational to advanced play, and game venues encompassing the greater Bay Area.  

Palo Alto AYSO helps PSV identify standout players and families that want more soccer, lots more soccer, and want to train for college, professional, national and international teams, and might qualify for PSV Union.

PSV provides additional training and instruction to Palo Alto AYSO players and coaches, helping us improve our skills.

AYSO is a National Association of the United States Soccer Federation.  AYSO works with organizations such as the National Council of Youth Sports, Girl Scouts USA, the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, People to People, Optimists International, Police Athletic Leagues, the National Alliance for Youth Sports, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, YMCA, and the Character Counts program.

AYSO Parents Interested in PSV Union 

If you are interested in exploring more advanced and more intense training than is provided in our AYSO curriculum, let us know by emailing to and we will follow up with you.

Any Palo Alto AYSO coach that wishes to observe a PSV Union training session is invited.  You must wear your Palo Alto AYSO coach jersey to identify yourself.  Stand in the observers area unless invited by a PSV trainer to observe more closely. 

  • Do not speak with players or coaches and refrain from making comments or discussing with other observers
  • No filming or recording
  • Do not come late.  You may leave early, but late arrivals can disrupt the flow of the training
Partnership Elements
  • Formalized process for advanced AYSO players to apply and qualify to participate in a series of training sessions with PSV teams
  • Formalized process for reviewing advanced AYSO players for "promotion" to PSV training and teams
  • Formalized training and scrimmage mix-ups with PSV players
  • Training clinics by PSV coaches and PSV advanced players
  • Palo Alto AYSO-PSV Camp
  • Coach mentoring by PSV coaches and PSV advanced players
  • Referee training for selected PSV players, providing a whole new perspective on the game, and opportunity for community service
  • Provide guidance on training for our newly developing program for an All Star Travel Team
  • Provide guidance on training for the Elite teams going to the national games