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Refund Policy

Forming teams of the correct size, with players from the same school, with all the players able to make the coach’s practice time, and keep the teams balanced, is quite difficult to do. Although we try hard, we may not be able to place your player on a team that fits your practice time, friend, school, coach, or other special requests.

It is impossible to do if players are allowed to sign up, get placed onto teams, and then drop out.  The subsequent holes in the team are difficult or impossible to fill, and we cannot rearrange players to fill the holes and rebalance the teams once we’ve announced them -- parents and players get quite cranky about that.

Moreover, your registration automatically purchases insurance for your child.  After a date (which is set by AYSO, usually a month or more before the season starts) we cannot get that money back, even if we ask nicely.  Insurance companies have pretty strict rules.

We reserve the right to refund your absurdly low fees (you can’t get daycare so cheap!) on a pro-rated basis -- by how much player time (scheduled practices + scheduled games) your player has used as a fraction of the total player time for the season, minus any non-recoverable expenses (such as unreturnable uniforms, insurance fees we cannot get back, tournament fees, or equipment that you retain). We ask that you consider donating those unused fees to our scholarship fund for players who would otherwise not be able to afford the fees.

Of course, if we cannot place your child on a team, despite our heroic efforts, we will refund your money in full, even the amount we paid for insurance.